Saturday, May 5, 2012


Day At The Spa HIGH QUALITY MUSEUM WRAP CANVAS Print Linda Joy Solomon 8x10
Day At The Spa HIGH QUALITY MUSEUM WRAP CANVAS Print Linda Joy Solomon 8x10 Read more...

  • Image Size: 6.07in. x 8.07in.
  • Title: Day At The Spa
  • Paper Size: 8.00in. x 10.00in.
  • MUSEUM Wrap - Canvas Print (SPECIAL NOTE: BELOW)
  • Artist: Linda Joy Solomon

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    Thursday, May 3, 2012

    Alex Fashion In The Tub LOVE LOVE!!!!

    Alex Fashion In The Tub
    Alex Fashion In The Tub

  • These foam cutouts make bath time fun and exciting for kids
  • For ages 3 and above
  • Soft foam cutouts are safe and stick to walls of your bathtub
  • This toy won the Parent's Choice "Fun" Award, Parents Magazine's "Best Toys of the Year" Award
  • This set of foam cutouts comes with a drip-dry bath bag

  • My Toddler Absolutely Loves This For some reason my 2yo daughter suddenly started becoming fearful of taking baths. So we looked for things/toys that would take her mind off of the actual act of bathing. I found this item on sale on Amazon and snapped it up. Our daughter absolutely LOVES LOVES it. She's very much into dressing up/down dolls and playacting so this worked out perfectly. Now whenever we prepare the bath the first thing she does is toss the netted bag which holds all the pieces into the tub.I highly recommend this toy. It's so much fun is durable and even has its own container so you can easily keep track of the pieces or carry it around on family trips.
    Not as good as it looks I was so excited to get this for my daughter for Christmas. I had bought her the Alex bathtub stickers and she loved them. These however are junk. They are super thin and rip easily. The clothes do not stick well to the dolls. I think I will contact the company and see if the will replace them with more tub stickers. I would recommend the tub stickers if you are looking for a fun durable bath toy.
    kids love it!! I bought this for my two year old niece. However when she pulled it out all of the kids wanted to play with it both the boys and girls! This is a great toy and lots of fun for the kids.
    Daughter LOVES this item My daughter loves this toy! We play with it every bath time. Its very helpful working on math as well. We count and sort all of the clothes in different categories every night colors seasons item etc. The only down fall is if placed in the bag curved the pieces will bend some and not stick to the wall easy.
    Can't get the kids out of the bath tub! These toys are just great! They stick to the walls very well and are a lot of fun to play with. Kids 3 & 7 y.o. love them so much they take TWO baths a day! Shipping and customer service was great too.
    Great buy I ordered this for my 6 year old daughter. She still loves bubble baths. I was looking at it for weeks but was not sure if I should buy it. Sometimes reading these reviews make you feel awful about buying anything because people complain about every little thing you're not sure what or who to trust. I went with my gut and ordered it. Very durable the dolls are think but not thin enough to break easily your child has to be real rough for them to break. They stick easily to the tiles no weird smell on them and there are lots of pieces. I love that about this also it includes a bag which sticks on the tile as well. So I would recommend this its also very reasonably priced.
    LOVE LOVE!!!! What a great bathtub toy! We have a 2 and 3 year old. The pack comes with two dolls it's perfect!!! It keeps the girls busy all through the bath tub. I would recommend this toy to everyone. It actually helps our two year old like to take baths again.
    My daughter was never interested in this toy. I had high hopes after seeing other reviews about how much girls liked this toy but it didn't work out that way at our house. My daughter is pretty girly but was not really into this toy. She is 2 1/2 right now but still not into it. It is the type of material that encourages kids to chew on it during bathtime too. Plain plastic dolls work much better as bath toys for her. I never really liked that the dolls came with no hair either. The pieces don't always stick supereasy so the little dolls were always bald.
    Doesn't work! This bath toy will not stick to anything! We tried it on 2 different real tile surfaces and a fiberglass tub suround and it doesn't stick! Of course at this point we've used it since we've had the peices in the tub with our child and the packaging is all ripped up so we really can't even get our money back. A waste of money.
    Bath tub toys My granddaughter is loving to play dollies. She tells her dollies nitenite when finished. Will buy another one for another granddaughter.

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    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    Ja ru Toys C 3 MAGIC CAPSULES Not Quite "Instant"

    C-3 MAGIC CAPSULES

  • Just drop it in warm water and it will expand and change into a soft, foam shape
  • Each capsule is a colorful surprise
  • Product Image, model, Toy Character and accessories shown here may vary from actual product shipped.

  • Bringing the Magic Back
    jtmom These are advertised to be instantly dissolving yet they do not fully dissolve when submerged in water for over 24 hours. I purchased these to use for a lab and was not able to do so. If you are wanting these for anything other than a toy do not use.
    Not Quite Instant The capsules did not quite dissolve instantly the majority of them took a few minutes a handful took a little longer but they all ultimately dissolved and turned into the shapes they were supposed to.

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    Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    Sassy Count Spell Appliques Rainbow So much fun!

    Sassy Count N Spell Bath Appliques, Rainbow
    Sassy Count N Spell Bath Appliques, Rainbow

  • Contains numbers 0-9
  • The appliques adhere to most tubs and sinks
  • Contains letters A-Z
  • Comes with thirty six pieces
  • The appliques comes with an easy-storage gab

  • I like it but disappointed to find it's only $ 2.99 at toyrus I really love these alphabets. It's big and easy for my baby to learn about letters during her bath time. She actually knows letters because of this set. I would love to buy some more so she can build some words. But I'm so disappointed to find out that it's much cheaper at toyrus.
    A quiet bath toy Our tot likes to bang anything anytime anywhere. I feel really bad for the downstairs neighbor. So I took it upon myself to find some soft bath toys that he could bang all he wants! These are great and he has found other activities with these besides banging. Collects them into a basket dumps them out repeat. Sticks them on the tub and wall. Throws them at mommy. Chews on them but not often.There were odorless and easy to clean.
    Sassy Count N Spell Bath Appliques Good size and my daughter seems to like them. I notice that they dont stick to the wall very well.
    fun but not so sticky My kid loves playing with these in the bath but they are easily bent and then don't stick to the tile as they are supposed to so making words is often an act of frustration. However these are colorful and fun overall and I would buy them again given how much play time they've provided.
    Adorable but not for infants! The package clearly states that these are for children over the age of 3 so giving these to a biting/teething infant isn't very wise. Use discretion before giving these to a teething child. The listing on Amazon doesn't have an age posted but the mother who gave these to her infant should have sent them back instead of opening the package. My daughter is 16 months old and understands no biting so there isn't an issue in our house. These are colorful textured and a perfect learning tool for her.
    Love them My 22 month old loves these. He carries them around in a little basket and calls them his weaders letters. Haven't tried them in the tub yet but he's already gotten the $4 of enjoyment out of them.
    Makes bathtime fun My kids love these. It's the second set we've had we wore out the other set and lost a few letters after daily use for 4 years. They encourage learning during baths. The kids enjoy sticking them on the tub walls and on each other. Even if the letters get bent you can easily mold them back straight so they still stick to the walls.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I bought these for my 8 month old grandson to play with when he stays with Nana Banana me. He LOVES them and is fascinated with them! They are extremely durable & impossible for him to destroy at this age. At 8 months in the bath or not he CAN NOT bite thru them. As with any toys my grandson plays with he is ALWAYS supervised closely. In my opinion only an idiot leaves a small child unsupervised to play at ANY age.
    Fun learning in bathtub! My 2 yo loves playing with these in the bathtub.They have a real hard time sticking to the wall and once they do stay its only for maybe a minute before they slide back down. I could have knocked a star off for that but I still feel like these are a great product and worth buying.Even though they do not stick I would still buy again and think every little curious learner will enjoy them.
    So much fun! I loved these for my kids. My 4 year loves to play with it and sometimes my 8 year old will still play with them. Great for the bath tub. Keeps the kids occupied. My cats also love them. I keep finding my cats with them. It's their favorite play toy.

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