Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ja ru Toys C 3 MAGIC CAPSULES Not Quite "Instant"

C-3 MAGIC CAPSULES

  • Just drop it in warm water and it will expand and change into a soft, foam shape
  • Each capsule is a colorful surprise
  • Product Image, model, Toy Character and accessories shown here may vary from actual product shipped.

  • Bringing the Magic Back
    jtmom These are advertised to be instantly dissolving yet they do not fully dissolve when submerged in water for over 24 hours. I purchased these to use for a lab and was not able to do so. If you are wanting these for anything other than a toy do not use.
    Not Quite Instant The capsules did not quite dissolve instantly the majority of them took a few minutes a handful took a little longer but they all ultimately dissolved and turned into the shapes they were supposed to.

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