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Skip Hop Dunks Stacking Yellow Bath toy for Baby and Parents

Skip Hop Dunks Stacking Bath Toy, Blue, Green, Yellow
Skip Hop Dunks Stacking Bath Toy, Blue, Green, Yellow Read more...

  • Ages 10m+
  • Lots of ways to play and learn: Pour, stack and float
  • Parents can use as a rinse cup
  • Dishwasher-safe

  • Skip Hop Slam Dunk Love these! They are easy to hold and comfy to grip. The narrow spouts make washing my baby's hair easy. He doesn't feel like he's being overcome by a waterfall like some other products out there.
    Slam 'dunk' in the tub My little one surely likes these. We got the blue green and yellow set. They float they pour they splash! She put rubber duckies inside and made them like little boats.
    Bath toy for Baby and Parents These are wonderful bath cups! We used them when our son was first born to bathe him in the sink. They were so much easier than a plastic cup and looked cooler too. As my son grew he began to play with them during bath time. And we continued to use them to rinse his hair and body. They even float. The plastic is sturdy and they don't mold. You can always trust Skip Hop for innovative and useful baby products these cups are no exception. Dunks are one of my go to baby shower gifts.
    Fun and functional We love these stacking dunks. Nice for me to use while rinsing and she can play with them in several different ways. They acts boats for smaller toys and are just fun by themselves as well.
    Cute not fun My daughter isn't interested in this bath toy. I do think they are cute and I have tried to get her to enjoy them. I have filled them and poured water out for her or spun them in the tub or stacked them up or floated her other smaller toys in them. She just doesn't care about them at all. I will say they are pretty large so make sure you have storage for them before you buy. Maybe she will like them better when she's older but right now I am the only one playing with them.
    fun bath toy! I got these for my son for Xmas when he was almost 1 now he is almost 2 and they remain a bathtime staple! He likes pouring or for me to pour and drinking from them and I can use to rinse him off. Plus they are a fun modern take on the standard rubber duck.
    Versatility at it's funnest! We've had these toys for about a year now and our three year is still addicted to them! It's the perfect bath time toy that both mommy and toddler can use. We also bring it to the beach where he loves to fill it with sand when he's building sand castles and he loves to bring it to the pool so he can pour water on himself and splash mommy and daddy.
    Larger than I expected! These are large and well made. They are fantastic for rinsing my boys in the tub and they are fun for the children to play with. They nest well and they are easy to keep clean as opposed to squirt toys that need to be bleached to keep the mold from growing.
    Sweet simple bath toy I purchased this Skip Hop Dunck set for my youngest sons last Christmas. A year later they are still the favorite bath toys for my almost 2yo and 4yo. Honestly they are the only toys that live in the bathtub. Every once in a while one of the boys may bring another toy into the bath but these always get used. Sure I could give my sons plastic cups for the tub but these are much better and worth the cost.I was first attracted to the simple modern design and colors. Once they were put into use I discovered that having three worked perfectly both boys could play with a Dunck while I used the third for washing/rinsing them. Another plus is that they don't get mildewy like other bath toys and they are dishwashersafe. While they are hard plastic there are no sharp edges or points just rounded curves.Bottom line Having five sons I have thrown a LOT of bath toys and plastic cups away in the past 17 years but these sweet Duncks will be around for a very long time.
    Suprised by how much my daughter likes these My daughter is 20 months old & I got these as a last minute stocking stuffer. I thought they would be prettier in the bathroom than a big cup for bathing her. The are pretty. A little larger than I anticipated. My daughter loves these. As soon as we get in the tub she'll spot them & yell DUCK! She uses one to pour water into the other one over & over & over until I make her get out. They're really too big for her to handle well but she's VERY persistant & has gotten them to do what she wants. Nice product nice price.

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