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Sassy Catch Release Net Bath Baby Loves It

Sassy Catch N Release Net Bath Toy
Sassy Catch N Release Net Bath Toy

  • Inspires hand-eye coordination
  • Inspires exploration
  • Baby will love scooping up the little characters
  • Colorful floating characters
  • Easy to grasp net

  • Happy I had bought this for my one year old daughter as many other bath toys fill up with water. I had wanted something that would not do that. As over time they get mildew in them. The toys that come with this net are great because the DO NOT FILL UP WITH WATER. They have air in them. My daughter seems to enjoy this toy. They are just right for her little hands.
    Simple fun This was a gift for my DD's 1st bday she likes it but doesn't quite grasp the concept of catching the fish in the net yet but she plays with all of it just seprately.
    Great bath/pool toy! I bought this set because they don't squirt water or have any other holes in them which means they won't get moldy. I wish all baby bath toys were this smart. The net is okay nothing great but the floating toys are awesome. I wish Sassy made more like thesejust plain floating nonsquirting bath toys.
    Baby Loves It I like this toy because the floaties do not have openings for water to get trapped and get moldy. The net has a small hole where water could get in but I simply hang it from the tub faucet and let the water drip out to prevent mold and mildew from growing inside. The baby loves the netted fabric texture and I'm loving that she's loving it.
    Sassy Catch N Release Net Bath Toy My grandson loves this in his bath. He is learning how to scoop up the little fish snailfrog and other bath toys.
    Good product I bought this because I did not want squirting toys that collected mold/mildew. Although the net has a hole in the handle it drains well. I also purchased this because it is BPA PVC Phthalate and Melamine free.
    Great bath toy Both my 1 yr old and almost 3 yr old like playing with this fishing net and bath animals.
    Great product My 2 year old son loves this! The fish are perfect because they do not hold water so you don't need to be as concerned with hiding mold or mildew.
    Happy Bath time I bought this for my 1 year old grandson he loves it! The handle is just the right size for those little hands and the big ball on the end it a good grip for him. He is learning how to catch the floating toys and smiles every time he gets one in the net. I like the net to help snag the other bath toys too! I really like that the toys do not have any holes in them to collect water it will make this last much longer as they will not get moldy inside.
    Decent Bath Toy I purchased the Catch N Release in order to provide my son with more toys to use in the bathtub for his third birthday. He seems to enjoy catching things in nets and I wanted him to be able to do that with this toy. So far it has worked well. The net is small fat and has no threat of being a chocking hazard for younger babies. The other toys also seem to work well floating on the surface until they can be picked up by the net.I imagine younger children would lack the dexterity to be able to pick up the pieces as the net hole is barely larger than the pieces it picks up. For my son it seems to work fine. It's a cheap simple toy and I give it it's due for what it is. It should hold up and is unlikely to break under normal circumstances.

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