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Alex Toys Tub tune Symphony It's OK

Alex Toys Tub tune Symphony
Alex Toys Tub tune Symphony

  • Song sheets can stick to wet walls and tiles
  • This bath toy makes bath time fun for kids
  • This set includes Xylophone, Drum, Mallets, and Flutes plus laminated music sheets for each instrument
  • Xylophone and drums float on the water in the tub
  • This bath toy is phthalate-free

  • Xylophone is the Star My almost 2 1/2 year old son loves this set although the xylophone is our favorite. I couldn't tell from the picture but the base is made up of foam blocks similar to the ubiquitous foam letters that interlock and can be taken apart and put back together in any order. This is the toy he spent most of his time playing with in the set's debut this evening.He likes using the drum as a cup to dump water out of the tub which is one reason the drum is not my favorite. The set I received did not include a drum stick as shown in the picture but in the event my son decides to use the drum the way it was intended he can use his hands or the mallets. I probably could have skipped the drum as other buckets and cups we have make similar sounds but the way these toys are currently priced if you are going to buy 2 you might as well buy the set.The flute is very cute although a little advanced for my son and probably a lot of other 2 1/2 year old boys. He likes blowing the flutes but puts the mouthpiece in too far to get a good sound. He also blows out and sucks in like he has learned to do with his harmonica. As someone else mentioned the flutes are held together by what appears to be a toe separator but on the upside when it inevitably gets lost I will be able to find a cheap replacement part.Overall I knew the set was a hit when he lined all 3 the instruments up on the edge of the tub leaned back and said I lub it.
    Great musical toy My father plays in a symphony and was looking for a musicrelated toy to gift to my kids for Christmas. This is the perfect thing! Its features appeal to my 1 year old who just wants to chew on the flutes and also to my 3 year old who can understand the concept of filling each flute with different amounts of water so they make different notes.
    Cheap I did not keep this item very long before sending it back. The blue thing holding the flutes together was just a toe separaterVERY flimsy. The flutes would have just fallen out had I allowed my child to play with them. The drum is small but I didn't really have complaints about that. My main complaint was that the product showed up USED when it was supposed to be new! There were HAIRS in the tape holding the pieces inside the box and there were parts of the xylophone that were missing.
    It's OK The xylophone is a waste b/c the pieces interlock and come apart. It has to be put together every time my kids want to play with it. Otherwise the pieces are floating all over the tub if we even put them in the tub anymore. If it was one solid piece I think they'd love it. My kids like the flutes and the drum but they have more fun with measuring cups and other toys than they do with this set. There is also a possibility that a child could drink the water that fills the flutes depending on the age.
    Fun for adults and kids. This set is very well made and durable. The paint is already chipping off the xylophone but I guess that is to be expected. The drum is awesome and the whistles make for a lot of fun but are kind of difficult to dry out. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to jazz out bath time.
    The kids love! My kids really love these and play with them every time they take a bath or shower. They seem really well made and are easy to contain all in the drum when not in use. This is why I like the fact that there are foam layers that come apart.
    Wonderful Toy This was a wonderful and educational toy. My son received it as a present from his aunt. My husband son and I have been loving it since it got here. The toys are very well made and durable.
    not just bath toys! My 2 year old son is very into instruments especially drums which is also what he calls xylophones so this is a perfect bath and everywhere toy. The whistles are really cool too bc they change pitch depending on how much water is in themhe doesn't get that yet..
    We love it! My husband is always skeptical of the toys I buy for our daughter. But once we took the instruments out of the box he was impressed. I bought this for our daughter's first birthday and within a short time she's already learn to blow into the water flutes! She loves to bang on the xylophone and drum too. These also make excellent outofthetub toys.
    Something different for the tub. The xylophone sounds nice but not sure why the keys come apart just something else to loose. Sound is pretty but the keys are small and a little hard to hit accurately for little ones. The drum is has a rather dead tone but still fun to bang on in the tub. I like that you can change the pitch by tipping it and letting some water in underneath. The flutes do not retain the amount of water you put in due to the required air vent need to play them if you let them fall int he water but they sound nice. Several songs included. Allinall a fun toy set for the tub.

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