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Diving Sub water toy submarine 20,000 Micrometers Under The Sea

Diving Sub water toy submarine
Diving Sub water toy submarine

  • Recommended for ages 3 and up
  • Powered with baking soda!
  • Measures 4 1/2" x 1 1/2"

  • Tiny sub for the tub This is just a tiny plastic submarine. My son lost interest within a few minutes of playing with it.
    Water Submarine no good Not impressed with the toy at all. It's tiny a little bit over 4 long. I is supposed to dive after you fill it with baking soda. It does go down if you do it everything correctly. But if you make a slight mistake in putting too much or not enough baking soda it won't do it. Especially it's hard to put the baking powder after the submarine was under the water and the opening to put the powder in is pretty small. Not worth the money even though it's pretty cheap. My son lost his interested in it pretty fast.
    Good little toy This toy does exactly what it says. It does dive and come back up. However my five y/o got pretty bored with it after a few minutes. But he does ply with it every few days so it's not a total waste and for the money pretty good I'd say.
    pass on this one My 5 year old loves subs and ships so he likes this however even with parental help he still found it frustrating to use with the baking soda. He will push it through the water in the tub I am sure. I would would get the Toysmith Windup Submarine 7 over this. That has been a great toy for our boy.
    20000 Micrometers Under The Sea When I was a kid Kellogg's Sugar Pops offered a diving sub reminiscent of the first Atomic Submarine the Nautilus as a toy for just $0.25 and one box top. That original design has been reissued by many different companies over the years and is still available to this day. I have one of those original subs as well as several later issue versions. Therefore you might imagine my surprise and delight to discover this NEW design that of a modern Attack Submarine which still retains all the fun of that original cereal premium. Basically the operational mechanism is the same for all diving sub toys i.e. You remove the frictionfitted periscope assembly and fill the revealed chamber with some baking powder. Pop the periscope assembly back in place swish it around in the bathtub unused aquarium large jar or large glass briefly and let it go. The sub then dives and resurfaces until the baking powder is depleted. NOTE do NOT use this in an aquarium that contains live fish as the baking powder/water reaction could be toxic to fish snails etc. TIP As long as there is NO baking powder in the toy it could be used as a novel ornament that would add a nice touch to the bottom of any aquarium that did contain live fish.
    Absolutely useless garbage Total waste of money. It would be hard to call it a toy rather a stupid plastic molded thing which would cost 10 cents to make and I bought it for you know what. Well you learn from your mistakes. DO NOT BUY it.
    Fun Toy This is a fun toy submarine that can actually be educational. Kids will want to know how the baking soda makes it dive travel and surface.
    Not very much fun Not very much fun. Its basically a plastic submarine forget about baking powder thing it works but barely the water needs to be really still and its not fizzy or anything just a few bubbles.
    Well its nice to look at. This item is nothing like the old baking powder subs of my day circa 1960s This item though it looks niceit didn't work very well at all. I put the baking Powder not soda in the compartment and voila!!!.. nothing. When I was a kid I had a pair of frogmen and a submarine that took these little baking powder tablets. They were lowtech compared to this but at least they worked.
    Reliving my childhood I bought this for my son because I loved the one like it I got from a Capt'n Crunch box when I was little. He loves it as much as I did mine he actually asks to take baths now just so he can play with it.

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