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Munchkin Sea Learn Bath Shapes Letters are a little smaller than I expected, Colors are confusing for a Child

Munchkin Sea & Learn Bath Shapes
Munchkin Sea & Learn Bath Shapes

  • 3+ years
  • Shapes float and stick to tub wall when wet
  • 84 foam shapes includes two sets of letters (A-z) and numbers (0-9), and 12 sea shapes
  • Ventilated, re-usable container helps prevent foam from mildew

  • Munchkin Sea & Learn Bath Shapes This is exactly what we were looking for.
    Bath These were a little smaller than I would have liked. My daughter is loving them though and plays with them every time she is in tub. They clean up well by throwing them in a laundry bag like others have said and tossing them in the dishwasher. They are holding up very well except for the teeth marks from my daughter in the beginning.
    LOVES them We got these for my letter and number obsessed son when he was 20 mos old or so. He is almost 3 now and still loves them. He plays with them in the bath brings them in the car and brings them to bed. I like that they are small and durable so I can have a couple in my purse when we go out. I saw complaints about the patterns personally I like them. My son knew his upper and lower case letters when we got these so we never experienced any confusion but he did like talking about the shapes and colors on them in addition to talking about the letters and numbers themselves. These days he even lets me know which is the six and which is the nine. Although that used to be a favorite game of his turning it back and forth and saying it's a 6 it's a 9 My only complaint is I wish I could get a smaller set. Since he does take them everywhere we have lost a lot of them and I would like to get a replacement set without having to get the full double set with all of the sea creatures.
    Bath Shapes This is a great product. I have a 2 year old and an 8 month old. Both love it. We can teach our son the lowercase letters in the alphabet while having fun! I have searched all over for lowercase letters. Most things come uppercase. My son recognizes all his upercase letters but non of the lowercase letters. Also as a bath toy we can learn while playing in the tube. It also includes numbers and some fun animals shapes as well.
    Won't let my kids play with them I was blown away by the petroleum smell from these. I washed them in the washing machine to get rid of the smell but they still smell.I am going to try the Sassy brand.
    A little confusing but overall pretty good Given that there are NO other lower case tub letters to be found these are pretty good. A lot of the letters are exactly the same and depend on how you orient them to teach children the differences. For example 'p' 'b' 'd' and 'q' all look exactly the same sticks aren't longer etc. so sometimes when the child is sorting it looks like there are 8 'p's! All in all tub letters are still one of the best ways to help kids learn letters.
    disappointed While I love the concept of this item as it encourages learning while in the bathI'm disappointed by this particular item. The graphics printed on the front side of each letter and number visually distract from the overall shape making learning and recognition very difficult. If there were no graphics then the size utility and concept of this item would be perfect. We're going to buy one of the other sets from another comany with no graphics.
    Not horrible but you can find better! Initially I was excited by this set thinking that it contained both upper and lowercase letters. It does not. Also for those who have just a stopper in the tub these shapes are small enough to go down the drain.These aren't so bad it's just that they are not so good. Larger pieces both letter types less distracting print if any are what I plan to look for in my next set of bath letters.
    Letters are a little smaller than I expected Colors are confusing for a Child The letters are a bit smaller than we expectedThe Color sets are confusing especially since the d and the p are the same color & interchangeable.That said my 2 year old loves her letters any she can get her hands on.. so you get an A for this alphabet.
    Distractingly painted As with one of the other people who commented the bubbles and dots on these letters make them very 'busy' and have made it very difficult to grasp the shape of the letters. My son is 22 months and already knows all his uppercase letters so we bought these so he could learn his lowercase letters but some of them like the a painted purple with pink flowers is so busy that he has a hard time telling what it is and calls it an s whenever he sees it. If there are any other plain lowercase letters sets out there I would recommend those.Also they are pretty small so they have a hard time sticking to the bath wall like the bigger ones do and always fall off.

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