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Fisher Price Precious Planet Whale Tub Don't shop from 3rd party seller at Amazon!

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub
Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

  • Contoured insert for safe infant use
  • To see more information click the "watch it in action" link below the main product images
  • Soft-grip, non-slip foam surface keeps your baby in place and comfortable
  • Fits over double sinks or inside traditional bath tubs
  • Adaptable tub with fun whale design for a relaxing bath experience

  • The design is great We are firsttime parents & have no difficulties in bathing our baby in this cute little tub. Her head can rest comfortably on the green foam surface and enjoy a warm bath. The contoured infant insert makes it safe & easy to use.
    Wonderful Tub at a Wonderful Price Even though I got this as a shower gift I wouldn't have hesitated to purchase this tub on my own. Despite the fact it is super cute it's very functional. I searched for a tub that would grow with my baby and would be safe and comfortable for him. I read countless reviews at different sites Target Babies R Us etc. And this is the most highly rated tub for good reason. It keeps your baby in place so you can use both hands to wash your baby. The insert that it comes with helps keep your baby upright and in placeNO SLIDING BABY HERE this insert which the baby's butt rests on is removable when your baby can sit up on their own. The built in drain is really cool so if you want to let out the water without taking your baby out. It's easy to clean I either wipe it down with a lysol wipe or warm soapy water after each use and wipe dry or air dry. If you do this mold will not be an issue. If your on the fence about getting this tub take if from someone who did their homework you will not find a cuter safer more comfortable tub at this price anywhere! I've even read reviews where people said they spent all this money on an extravangant baby tub only to be let down by the functionality and safety and their baby hated the fancy tub but when they bought this tub they not only saved money but their baby stayed in place safely and their baby loved the tub which is all that matters in the end.
    I don't like this tub at all!!! I'm now buying another one! I bought this tub b/c of the price and the excellent reviews. I dont understand how everyone is giving it 5 stars. The newborn insert my baby outgrew before she was able to sit up unassisted so it has been difficult to hold her from going forward or from sliding down into the tub. I have to use an inch or less of water i just leave the plug open that way if she slides down or goes too far forward then she won't go under water. It is frustrating and my back is sore every time from leaning over the bathtub with her tub inside. Even when she fit in the insert there is no way to clean her private area because she is sitting down on them. I would have to hold her over one arm and pour water over the other. Now that the insert is taken out i have to lean her back and put her legs all the way up to her chest to be able to clean her properly. That leaves her back uncomfortable. This tub will be better once she is bigger and cannot slide down into the tub or fall forward while sitting. For now I am going to look for a sling like what i used when she was newborn.. only that sling broke and i'm waiting to get it replaced.
    Love this tub We love bathing our newborn in this tub. We used a sling chair with our first son but we always felt like the baby slid down. This tub keeps the baby upright. The drain is great no need to turn the tub over to let the water out. It will also grow with the baby which is wonderful. I highly recommend this product.
    The best This tub is the greatest. My daughter is one and we are still using it. We put it on the kitchen counter and used the insert when she was a newborn and never had any issues. We kept using the insert for awhile after she could sit up on her own because she seemed to feel more stable and confident. She could have been in the full bathtub for months now but she tries to swim face down so keeping her in the whale solves that problem plus it saves water. Every time she sees the tub she signs bath because she loves getting in that thing. The accompanying cup is great for play and for rinsing.
    good choice Although it is not big but I like the color and the design very much. I hope my unborn baby will like it too.
    Works Well My mom thinks it is hilarious that we need a tub instead of washing our baby directly in the sink. I like this product because it saves me the worry of dealing with a slippery wiggling baby in a small hard sink!AssemblyI was surprised to learn that this tub requires some assembly. The back legs need to be attached with a long Phillips screw driver. A simple process once the appropriate tool was located.StorageThis thing is huge. We shove it under our stairs closet when not in use.CleanupThe drain is effective and makes cleanup easy.PriceAmazon is constantly juggling the price of this item. Sometimes it's ridiculously high I'd risk the sink and other times it's more reasonable. Check the local brick & mortar prices and corresponding store coupons before committing.I t fluctuated by 25% to 30% while I was considering the purchase and currently it's 50% more than I paid!NewbornMy only complaint with the concept on an infant tub like thsi one is that its very difficult to reach baby's back and bottom while bathing. It currently takes two sets of hands one to hold up one to wash. I expect the problem to go away when baby ceases to be jellylike. The tub is helpful because it raises the working height at waist or elbow heigh as opposed to hip and provides a shallower depth than the kitchen sink.
    Don't shop from 3rd party seller at Amazon! I bought this item from reseller Tradezone at Amazon. I have been charged for $42. It drop to $39 after I got shipment. After I check the package it is from Walmart in fact. The Walmart invoice show it charge $26 including tax and shipping. This seller make $16 for 1 order. Wooh!!!!!!So to save your money. Only shop from Amazon. Don't go to 3rd seller until you have check all the price on the market. It is a good lesson for me.It is good product Amazon should consider to carry.Good luck everyone.
    Dangerous if your baby wiggled as much as mide does I liked this bathtub ok when my daughter was a newborn ok but doesn't look very comfy. Before her belly button stump fell off I would put a big cushy towel in the bottom & give her a sponge bath.. But around 3 months she learned how to straighten out her body so that she would slide up and over the green hump which was very dangerous when I attempted to bathe her on my own. However she was still too small to remove the bump as she would bend & straighten her legs quickly & slide all the way down into the water. If I were redesigning this I'd put a divider between the legs perhaps detachable for times when it's not needed on the green bump to keep babies from sliding downward. Now I've finally resorted to strapping my baby in her bouncer chair and bathing her in that with the tub 2/3 full. Works great and I don't have to worry as much about her sliding into the water as I'm trying to rinse shampoo out of her hair.
    Great Tub!! I have been bathing my baby in this tub since he was a newborn and he loves it. The only complain I have of the cute tub is the green seating section.

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