Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summer Infant Time Bubble Maker Baby loves the bubbles!

Summer Infant Tub Time Bubble Maker
  • 4oz bottle of tear-free bubble solution included
  • Three language packaging
  • Portable bubble maker for bath time fun
  • Suction cup securely adheres bubble maker to the wall
  • Grandma's gift I bought this as a birthday present. She wanted to leave the party to take a bath with her bubble maker.
    kinda loud This is a neat idea. I got it for my niece who came to visit me. She is a 1 year old. At first she kinda liked to watch the bubbles but because it was so noisy she started to cry and did not like it. Also the suction cup does not work very well. The device itself is so heavy that it slides down the glass of my shower door.
    do not purchase Bought this item in a store so it was easier to return. Not only did the wand not rotate properly it was extremely noise AND if difficult to clean/empty out to store. Also if you do NOT have smooth walls like tile on your shower enclosure the suction cup will not stick.The woman at the store said yeah we get these returned a lot. I wrote the manufacturer on their website and received no response so I just took it back to the store. If you don't use all the bubbles you have to leave it upside down for a LONG time to try to drain the solution out and even so you'll have residue everywhere.So 1 noisy. 2 doesn't always work. 3 difficult to clean. 4 difficult to mount/place. 5 doesn't work if it gets wet.Save your money just blow bubbles with a cheap bottle of suds or buy a bubble gun and keep it out of reach of the child so it doesn't get soaked.
    BROKEN BEFORE I COULD EVEN LET MY KIDS TRY IT! The product showed up fast but it was broken. I tried 3 different sets of batteries and it wouldnt work.
    Less then impressed This item worked GREAT the first time we used poured out the bubbles almost too much! The second time we used it it was much less and by the third day it wasn't working at all. I ended up throwing it away before the week was done. Very disappointed. Great idea for bathtime but poor product. Save your money.
    BELIEVE THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS! I wish I had taken the majority of reviews to heart and usually do but I so badly wanted them to be wrong. Nope they're right. This thing is junk. The first one we bought never worked at all. Like a complete fool I returned it for another one which worked for only 1 bath despite never getting wet. Don't do it. Just don't.
    Dumb buy! This product was horrible. The motor inside was broken and it didn't even blow bubbles.
    Baby loves the bubbles! The bubble blower is a bit noisy as other reviewers have said but with the sound of the bath or the shower to accompany it its barely noticable. Its a toy bubble blower and my 5 month old loves it! The only downside for us is that the bubble solution is $14.99 to purchase additional. I'm not sure what size bottle it comes with and from what i can tell it is only available through the manufacturer.
    Fun but not for bathtub Lots of bubbles BEFORE using it in the bathtub. The first time it was suctioned to the bathtub wall it fell off. It was properly suctioned and was not disturbed by kids. The next time it was used in the bathtub it fell off again and hit our 13 month old on the head. These two very brief drops in the water ruined the motor. We were really excited about it for the tub but it was a very disappointing purchase. Unfortunately it does not hold up to very gentle bathtime use.
    Great idea bad execution This was really cool while it worked. It makes lots of bubbles and a huge mess so make sure it is aimed in the tub. But the suction cups don't hold well. Ours dropped off the wall and into the tub. The motor was fried after two more uses. It is marketed as a bath toy but CANNOT get wet. Either skip it or rig up a way to ensure it doesn't fall in the tub.

    4oz bottle of tear-free bubble solution included.Three language packaging.Portable bubble maker for bath time fun.Suction cup securely adheres bubble maker to the wall. Parents want bath time to be an enjoyable time for both them and baby. The new Summer Infant bath time bubble maker is sure to keep baby occupied and entertained. This comes with a portable bubble maker for bath time fun. The suction cup securely adheres bubble maker to the wall. It features bottle of tear free bubble solution. It comes with three language packaging. Portable bubble maker for bath time fun. Suction cup securely adheres bubble maker to the wall4oz. Bottle of tear-free bubble solution included three language packaging.

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