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Boon Bath Scoop Green Frog GREAT toy holder

Boon Pod Bath Toy Scoop, Green Frog
  • Makes bath time clean-up fun and easy
  • BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free
  • Stores and organizes bath accessories
  • Reduces mold and mildew
  • Mounting options included: adhesive strips and hardware
  • Just what I ordered I ordered this Frog pod bath for an upcoming baby shower.I wanted something different. I got it!This frog can pick up toys and can be easily cleaned.A scoop too for picking up the toys.
    fabulous!!! I thought the price was really high but this frog has been wonderful for us SO worth it. Has been sticking strong for 6 months! The little guy LOVES scooping up his toys and then dumping them back out so its a toy as well as a storage solution.
    Still in Love I fell in love with this little froggy after seeing it in a friend's bathroom for their kids. We've had ours up on a white tile tub/shower combo for over 2 years and we love it! Fully loaded with lots of use from my 7 4 and 19 month old and it's still held up! Eventually I'm sure that the adhesives will one day degrade but I'll just invest in 3M Command strips and pop this baby back up!Things I LOVE1 Super cute design without being too babyish or gender specific. I get really sick of seeing baby decor everywhere but this piece has an adorable sense of whimsy.2 IT DRAINS!!!! I can't tell you how nasty/frustrating it is to have nasty old sludge at the bottom of some other poorly designed bath toy holders! Then you have to sterilize all the toys too!3 No nets.
    GREAT toy holder This is an awesome product for holding onto toys in the bathtub. the holes at the bottom release all the water so that the toys dont get moldy. Plus the top holds the childrens soaps and shampoo so that they cannot get to that. I had my husband screw it in to the wall and so far it has held up pretty perfectly. GREAT product.
    good but needs reinforced 2sided tape Thankfully another reviewer mentioned that they bought extra strong hardwaregrade two sidedtape that kept it stuck to the wall.
    Adorable and essentially useless I am incredibly frustrated with this product. When I received the Boon Frog Pod I followed the instructions to use the adhesive strips included with the product. They held the pod on my ceramic tiles for about a month and a half before it went clattering down off the wall. I ordered the replacement wall bracket with silicon adhesive from Boon. I followed the instructions for mounting it to my wall carefully even leaving the silicon to dry for an extra 12 hours in addition to the recommended 48 hours. Within TEN MINUTES of rehanging the frog pod holding nothing more than a few plastic measuring cups the silicon adhesive failed and the entire pod fell off the wall again. Maddening! What good does this adorable pod do if it won't stay attached to the wall?! I see nothing in the instructions that indicate that it will not work on ceramic tile. While the screws seem to be a surefire way to get the thing to stay on the wall I am not willing to ruin my tiles to use them. So the frog is now taking up room in a closet unused.
    Keep the adhesive tabs dryish Like many of you I read all the reviews before purchasing this awesome adorable frog a few years ago. I can't remember when we bought it but anyway it stuck great for over a year before falling down and like someone else said it totally scared me when it did haha.Maybe a year is just how long the sticky lasts but's I don't think so.We got a new washer head before it fell and I firmly believe it fell because I poured/sprayed water above it to clean the shower and it ran down and got the sticky wet and wahlah kaboom. I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed or not that we didn't clean the shower above the frog for a year or so but in any case I think getting it wet makes it fall hence the varied stick times the reviewers mention. I followed the reviewers advice and stuck it on tile only and not over grout etc.I can't wait to put this up tomorrow in our new apartment!Oh and PS it is so big in real life! Good big though. And yes I did read the size description online before it just looks so so big when you open this massive box and a frog as big as your 2 year old hops out. Just sayin'. Love the green color by the way.
    GREAT! Well I think its perfectmight be a little small but still fits quite a few toys in it. Mine sticks to my tile perfectly. I guess if you have a molded tub without a wall to mount it with the screws then don't get it. If you have tile or can mount it IT's GREAT.
    I love the frog! It is big and cute and looks great! This is an excellent product. We were looking for something sturdy and drilled it into the tile on the side of the bath. It is nice and big cute and makes all the toys look tidy because they are not strewn all over the bathtub anymore. I love the way it lets the toys drain out also.
    Cute toy holder but doesn't stick We love the look and quality of the frog but it definitely doesn't stick. We don't have heavy toys in it just some foam stacking blocks and letters but the frog fell off the wall within a day of putting it up in the middle of the night and it scared the day lights out of us! We tried other double sided tape from Home Depot as other's have mentioned but it did not help. We have large 6x6 tiles with a flat surface so I don't know why it doesn't want to stay but it doesn't. The only solution I can see is to either leave it in the bottom of the tub or drill holes in the tile to hang it up.

    Makes bath time clean-up fun and easy.BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free.Stores and organizes bath accessories.Reduces mold and mildew.Mounting options included: adhesive strips and hardware. As every parent knows, rubber duckies and little toy boats tend to multiply in the bath. Rather than allowing them to lurk underfoot on the bathroom floor or sit forlornly in the empty tub once the splish-splashing is over, why not scoop 'em up with the ever-so-cute Frog Pod? This bright green plastic frog can be mounted on any bathroom wall with the included bracket and adhesive. A built-in shelf at the top stores shampoo or other bath products, while (this is the best part) the removable scoop can be used to pick up, rinse, and drain toys. Additional toys or scrubby sponges can be hung from the frog's splayed fingers and toes. There's plenty of room for toys (no more than 10 pounds worth is the packaging caution - 10 pounds!), and the design is charming and appealing to grownups and kids alike. To avoid trouble with the Frog Pod falling off the wall, make sure to follow mounting directions carefully. It's especially important to use a dry wall, allow for a long adhesive curing time, and don't cross the grout with the adhesive strips. Once it's really on, the frog pod should provide handy, stylish, and mildew-free bath toy storage for a good long time.

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