Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sassy 10035 Shower Spray Doesn't work for standard bathtub

Sassy Shower Spray
  • Happy hippo easily attaches to kitchen or bathtub faucets
  • Easy care
  • Extra-long 48" hose makes rinsing baby easier
  • Fun for child
  • Doesn't work for standard bathtub I bought this for our bathtub and am returning it ASAP. I have a shower/bathtub combo standard spout with the pull up thing to turn the shower on as pictured in the instructions that are included with the product and it doesn't work at all. It leaks all over the place even with the water pressure on very low. It may work for a sink spout I didn't try that. But do not buy this for your tub. I'm going to just buy a regular hand sprayer and save myself the time and energy trying more products like this and having to continue to return them.
    DO NOT BUY I have a hard time washing my daughters hair in the bath tub. I remembered when I was younger my mother bought something similar to this. Only difference is the one I had I as a child worked. This sprayed water out of ever place other then the little sprayer resulting in soaking everything in the bathroom. At first I thought maybe just on that faucet so I tried it on all the sinks and bathtubs with no luck. Had two other family members try to hook it up with the same results.
    doesnt work Was excited to receive this. looked cute but didnt work. when i put in on my tub faucet the water would spray all over out the back instead of out of the sprayer itself. would not suggest to other customers.
    Did not like This item was not worth it. The information does not state that it does not fit on a tub spout. it was a waste of money.
    junk Unfortunately I have nothing else to say except for what I already said in the title. I didn't want to waste my time or yours reviewing it at first. Then I decided to help readers avoid it. Sending it back would cost almost the same amount money as the price. That's how producers of such junk probably survive nobody bothers to return it.The hose is made of a cheap plastic but it doesn't really matter because the adopter doesn't fit any faucets. So instead of soft shower on your baby's head you'd have a flood on the bath floor or whenever you use it.
    Works Only with Specific Types of Faucet It's a great product idea. Unfortunately it only works with certain types of faucet. Such specificity should have been clearly disclosed in the product description but you won't be able to find that out until you open the package and start reading through the fine prints.

    Happy hippo easily attaches to kitchen or bathtub faucets.Easy care.Extra-long 48" hose makes rinsing baby easier.Fun for child. The Sassy bath spray attaches to your kitchen or bath tub faucets. An extra long 48" hose makes rinsing baby easier. This attaches to any kitchen or bathtub faucet. The 48" long hose makes rinsing baby easier and it has a funny happy hippo character. This is a temperature sensing hippo.

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