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Alex Toys Magnetic Boats Tub Fun in the tub...

Alex Toys Magnetic Boats In The Tub
  • 11.75X3.50X7.25 inches
  • Love it We bought this to make the tub more interesting for my 2 year old but he uses it more outside the tub. He loves to push the boats around and connect/disconnect them which is really easy with the magnets.
    Hate these These are not sealed water gets into them and it's impossible to get it all out so mildew will grow in there in no time. Next time I also won't choose boats with magnets on them my daughter gets quite annoyed with them sticking together as they tip up all the time when connected and also due to the waterlogging. She loses interest in them very quickly. The paintwork also looks cheap and nasty I don't trust that they are safe to put in mouths.
    Ours work great I feel so bad for the people who got leaky boats. We have had ours now for quite some time with no leaks. The paint job on ours seems fine as well though not perfect but then my expectations for toys built in China are never very high especially when it comes to cosmetics.These boats float great and the magnets are strong enough to attract the other boats when they get about an inch apart. They have decent repel power as well for the opposite end of the boat though at a much closer distance.Since they work so much like the Thomas Trains we have my son loves them.We got ours at a decent price from a seller who has their stuff fulfilled by amazon so we took a chance and were one of the lucky ones that got great boats. When they work I recommend them but from other reviews maybe only on the days you're feeling lucky.
    Fun in the tub My kids all love these boats at bath time.
    Tub fun I have two boys under 4 years of age who love getting a bath together despite the 2.5 year age difference they both find these to be fun in and out of the tub and thankfully there are three so sharing is easy. The fact that they actually float and do not take on water is excellent! I'd give them five stars if the magnets were stronger.
    water leaks inside I bought this toy thinking there will not be water leaking inside because of the product description Magnets are completely encased inside so they can't rust or come loose. . What a mistake. Plenty of water get inside. It is very hard to squeeze out the water. I want to return this but it does not seem worth the trouble.I am very disappointed. Seller and Amazon should make sure product description is not misleading.
    great for small hands these 3 little boats are perfect for small hands. i have had them for awhile now and they have never sank. they connect to each other with magnets and my grandson loves to push them all around the tub. perfect for a little boat lover.
    Pathetic magnets These boats do not stick together. Mine have very weak magnets that barely attract each other.
    My baby loved it! My baby loves these boats!! He plays with them everytime he gets in the tub and they are durable.
    Great Tub Toy! These magnetic boats in the tub are fantastic bath time toys. You can either float them individually or link them all together and pull them around.

    11.75X3.50X7.25 inches. 3 soft, vinyl boats have magnetic connectors! Line them up like a train in the tub. Magnets are completely encased inside so they can't rust or come loose. Phthalate-free.

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