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Godspeed Novel Lynn Breedlove An unrecognized American classic

Godspeed: A Novel A Shamelessly AssKissing Review Godspeed was recommended to me by a friend and when I first picked it up I found I couldn't put it down until it was finished literally about 24 hours later. It's a gritty and beautifully rendered novel and one of the best I've read in years as I work in a bookstore that's a statement not to be taken lightly. It's certainly by far the best lesbian/drug/roadtrip and/or band novel I've read hands down. And be honest that's what you really want to read about.
makes you want to hit something This book was one big adrenaline rush. I often had to hold myself so that I would not get too caught up in the energy that is Jim. Midway through reading a chapter I often wanted to smash things up simply because I could.I think that this book is a portayal of a very real subculture. There is so something intreaging and sensual about these dirty punk bois that you want to be the one they fall to their knees to worship.Overall it's a story about life written with such beautiful sexual energy you can't help but smile and scream the whole way through.
Definitely a GREAT buy. I found this book amusing interesting exciting and the best of all REALISTIC this shows a reality that most people just ignores we all se bike messengers but most people don't see that there's a whole world behind them. Personally as one I could relate myself all the time with this and the genderqueer thing was the best this is definitely a book that all people should read it makes you see things different really.
The best punk rock novel ever written!!!! Not much more can be said. I read this book in 24 hrs. Tried to put it down but kept snatching it back up. Only thing I would want different is an additional 50100 pages at the end instead of the cramped 10 or so that wrap the story up.
Lynn is my new Herione Pretty damn good book. One of the best 80s San Francisco bike messenger junkie sexfiend punk rock and roll novels ever written.
Brilliant Breedlove's writing is so pure and clear that the story stays with you like an experience. Nothing in this book is boring because nothing is fake fluffedup or exaggerated. It's honest gritty and absolutely grips you from the start. It's hard not to see part of yourself in Jim that's the wildest part no matter how far you are from that crazy addict lifestyle you're going to relate to Jim on a very deep level. There's no one in the world I wouldn't recommend this book to. It's purely awesome.
lesbian fightclub
Tops on My List!! Wow! What a GREAT book!! I was hooked from the first line of Breedlove's Acknowledgements & loved that she included her mother's comment there.For 30+ yrs I've read a lot of lesbian fiction. I'm soooo tired of thinly plotted mysteries and tooooo many flowerlabia sunset and beaches comingout romances. Unlike all of them this story gets into the nitty gritty of a real sort of urban lesbian life one more complicated than "am I or aren't I?" "will she or won't she" and "will she with me?" storylines.Reminds me a bit of 'A Crystal Diary a novel' by Frankie Hucklenbroich in that it's written style & contentfrom inside the head of the protagonist whether she's high at the time or not.Gives it that sense of NOW and keeps it real.
An unrecognized American classic This is a suprising great novel from former Tribe 8 member Lynn Breedlove. From its first words it grabs the reader and pulls him/her into the world of Jim a self proclaimed tranny dyke as she explores the world from California to New York after being dumped by her lover a sex worker named Ally. Comic at times yet heartbreaking as we see Jim spiral in drug use and loss love Breedlove's novel is beautiful in everyway from its characters from Jim to her mom to its prose style poetically rendered within its 287 pages. It is a good read for anyone interested in queer studies and queer lifestyles such as those defined in Judith Halberstam's In a Queer Time & Place but great works of fiction should never be limited to an audience and works such as Godspeed should be read by anyone as part of the American literary canon to be ranked as Halberstams says with Burrough's Naked Lunch. I am just deeply surprised that this hasn't recieved more literary acclaim as within my own library it ranks as one of my favorite pieces of writings.
Brilliant brilliant brilliant from Jim's inverse twin By A Customer Lynn Breedlove did the impossible created a character who is the butch speedloving version of me I am femme and opiatelovingbut had Jim protagonist's exact experiences The relationship between Jim Ally Jim's love and speed Jim's other love was so beautifully and wrenchingly rendered it will strike a chord in anyone who has ever been in a relationship with both a beautiful girl or boy i guess and a beautifulfeeling drug. The tangles with dykehating morons were perfectly depicted the scenes of going on tours with a band were as wellThis book spoke to my own experiences so accurately but the ending scarred me the only thing I didn't really get. Given Jim's drug experiences wouldn't one have thought that she'd be a bit more sympathetic to Ally? Or maybe the idea was that an 'uptown girl' trying to get on the wagon and a 'downtown girl' just beginning her h honeymoon can't mix. In any event I was enthralled. A must read. P.S. Before reading this book I thought I was the only one who ever used the term h goggles.

This free-wheeling, fast-paced drug odyssey -- the speed-addled San Francisco doppelganger of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting -- features a butch female bike messenger named Jim, an all-girl punk band and the never-ending search for the rush that makes it all worthwhile. Jim's hardcore speed habit means she's headed nowhere fast; when forced to choose between drugs and the girl she loves, disaster and a cross-country road trip follow. Along the way, the reader is treated to a vivid portrait of a life in collapse, as well as poetic and seductive descriptions of the highs preceding this downfall. Jim's relationship with her stripper girlfriend, Ally, provides the story's emotional center and the arc of the protagonist's development. Amid a tornado of activity and attitude, the author builds a small oasis of honest and unvarnished emotion, constructing a touching and nuanced portrait of a boy who has not quite grown up. Jim rides fast and lives hard, yet somehow, beneath all the bravado and the crude drama, she retains an almost childlike innocence and purity of heart that radiates through the accumulated layers of grime and vice, carrying the reader through her darkest hours. The narrative can be gratingly autobiographical in tone at times, and the rushed, free-form style is occasionally a bit gimmicky, but this earnest debut is well worth the ride. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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