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Dozen Rubber Babys Birthday Favors cupcake toppers

One Dozen (12) Rubber Duck Baby's First Birthday Party Favors [Toy]
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  • cupcake toppers Put these on my daughter's bday cupcakes for her partysaved the real cake for her real bday they are very cute but very little and waaaay too small if you'd like to really put it in the bathtub. They weren't intended for that though.
    VERY misleading! They are called Baby's First Birthday Party Favors so unfortunately I ordered 2 dozen of them for my daughters 1st birthday favor. They arrived today and are TINY! Choking hazard tiny. If you look closely at the description it says choking hazard and not for children under 3. How misleading to call them First Birthday Party Favors. I am extremely unhappy and sending them back. The bad news it is now too close to my daughters birthday to replace them with larger ducks so its now more work on me. I've never written a review before but feel this company is 100% misleading by the title of the ducks. I'm not thrilled and will not do business with them again.
    WAY too small! I ordered these ducks for my daughter's first birthday. They are absolutely adorable and definitely fit in with our rubber ducky but girly! theme. They have one MAJOR drawback though they are WAY too small to have around small children. As a oneyearold obsessed with rubber ducks my daughter of course immediately put one of these in her mouth. For a while that was fine but eventually the whole thing found its way in there and it became very clear that it was a complete choking hazard.So although these are cute they aren't very safe for a small child which is what they're intended for.
    Cute LITTLE ducks These are adorable ducks and my daughter will choose this duck rather than the dozen other yellow ones she has every time. However they are very little only 1 1/2 inches tall.
    Not for children under 3! These ducks are cute but a choking hazard. They are not recommended for children under 3 and I can see why.
    Cute but WAY too small I thought these were sooo cute when I saw them and thought they would be perfect for a 1st birthday party. When I opened the box and looked at themthey were cute!.but they were wayyyy too small for a 1st birthday party! I was horrified that my daughter would end up choking on them as she was only 12 months at the time so I never let her even hold it. Overall it's very cute but I wouldn't recommend it unless you use it for something like a favor for kids at least 3 yrs old or maybe some type of decoration at the party.
    Should have read the other reviews My daughter has been to several parties where she has received rubber ducks in her goody bags. We both loved them and I thought it would be cute to do the same. This was the first place I saw ducks that would go with her theme pink pinwheels and pearls. I just assumed they would be the same size. Well they arrived today and they are SO SMALL. On the package and everywhere else I've seen them they are actually called mini ducks. Why the seller doesn't put the word MINI in the title is beyond me. Obviously if you read any of the details it has the size listed but I was thinking they were the same thing. I agree with others who say this is HUGELY misleading saying that you could give them as favors at a one year old's party.
    loved it

    2 Dozen. Vinyl Mini Birthday Rubber Duckies. 1 1/2" ?Duckies do not float upright.

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