Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Skip Hop Tubby Bath Organizer love love love!

Skip Hop Tubby Bath Toy Organizer, Sky Blue
  • Stretches to fit all your toys
  • Roomy, open top allows easy access to toys
  • Machine washable
  • Mounting plate with 4 suction cups secures bag on tile or glass
  • Posts double as hooks for washcloth or loofah
  • Works Well We bought this to replace another product that kept falling down. The Skip Hop very rarely falls down and holds a lot of small to medium sized toys. The material dries quickly and I appreciate the ability to take down the organizer without having to disable the suction cups.
    Fits more toys than expected I was pleasantly surprised with how many toys this holds. It's made of the same material as wet suits so it's extremely flexible and dries extremely well. I've had no issues of toys not drying completely when using the bath tub organizer.
    love love love! After trial and error with other bath toy organizers I've finally found one that does the job! Keeps the kids bath toys neatly organized drains the water thoroughly to prevent any mold from forming and goes great with the moby whale spout we've purchased for the tub! It has yet to fall off the wall despite the amount of toys we put in it. This is definitely a bath must have.
    Keeps Toys in One Place This organizer is cute easy to install and does the job! Makes cleaning up after bath time quick and easy. It holds more toys than I thought it would when I ordered it.
    Keeps falling! It keeps falling off the tiles. I have followed the directions precisely on how to properly get it to hang up and it works for a little while but soon falls down again.
    great bagwon't stick to travertine tile I love this bagit holds a lot of toys and allows them to air out completely. I was unable to stick it with the suction cup strip that it came with and didn't want to drill holes in my tile. I ended up using removable wall hooks to hang it on.
    BEST Tub Organizer I've tried a few tub organizer however they either didn't stay stuck to my tub wall or the opening was too small. However I found this one and decided to give it a try. I have to say it's the BEST on yet that I purchased. I've had it for over a month and it never fell off and I have a lot of toys in it for my child's bath time. I would highly recommend this to any parent who's looking for a great bath toy organizer.
    Just get it trust me! The other reviewers are right this is THE BEST bath toy holder out there. It doesn't fall off the wall even when filled to the brim. I made the mistake of buying another type from Amazon last year and fought with that stupid thing constantly. If it didn't fall down in the middle of the night scaring the bejesus out of all of us it would fall down during bathtime on my child. This one was supereasy to install and has been a complete dream from day 1.
    Great toy holder I bought this for my grandson's bath toys. I was very pleased with how many toys it held! It attaches to the bathtub very securely.

    Stretches to fit all your toys.Roomy, open top allows easy access to toys.Machine washable.Mounting plate with 4 suction cups secures bag on tile or glass.Posts double as hooks for washcloth or loofah. The tubby toy organizer keeps the tub tidy and neat. This toy organizer is made of washable neoprene and mesh, and has suction cups to stick to your bathroom tile. Skip hop tubby bath toy organizer comes in sky blue. It features a stay put mounting plate with 4 suction cups which secures the bag on tiles or glass. This also features as posts double as hooks for washcloth. It offers more space and the open top allows easy access to toys. It stretches to fit all your toys and this is machine washable.

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