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Puj Tub Soft Foldable White Magnets come undone

Puj Tub - The Soft, Foldable Baby Bath Tub, White
  • Fits in any standard bathroom sink
  • The NEW way to bathe baby!
  • Conserves water, energy, and space!
  • Cradles and protects baby allowing mom to wash with both hands
  • Made from a soft, non-slip, PVC- and BPA-free material
  • Perfect After CSection! Kinder to Your Knees! SUMMARY Many baby products out there are gimmicks but it you have concerns about CSection pain/scars or have bad knees/hips and/or a higher tub wall to reach over then the Puj Tub is a GREAT product to get you through the first few months of your child's life. The material was so supereasy to clean and way more durable than I thought it was going to beand it helped the CSection healing process so muchthat we packed it away just in case we have another child in the future.BACKGROUND After my first CSection I didn't have any steps to worry about and our tub walls were rather low so getting on my knees to give my son a bath wasn't so bad. It wasn't so good either. We had an infant tub but he would slide all over the place and we could never get it in the right spot in the bathtub where it would be comfortable.
    magic Mother of three. Love the tub. It's not meant to be used longer than maybe 4 to 5 mos but it's a great tub. Saves a lot of time with easy fold with magnets. Can't complain about it because after u r done u can just hang dry takes up so little space. Designed to be used in standard sized bathroom sinks. It's even better if u have a higher faucet but if u don't it still serves it's purpose. Soft material does not stain or have mildew build up like some tubs can even if u clean them right. Love the fact that I can run the water low the whole bath time and it drains with such ease.
    great bathing option! Was a little worried when I received this tub that it wouldn't fit in our sinks properly based on some of the previous reviews. Happily the Puj fits just fine in our sink. We use the kitchen sink a pretty standard twosided rectangle sink and it works great. Not sure what anyone else is having a problem with in their square/rectangle sinks. Have been using this tub since our baby's second week and love it. Nice and soft kind of deep for smaller babies but we just fold up a kitchen towel and place it in the bottom to boost our baby up a bit. Great to not have to lean over or kneel to bathe baby. Love that it flattens out wipes dry and is easily stashed in a closet.
    Buyer beware You have to have the exact right size sink and faucet for this to work. I really reaaalllly wanted to love this tub. I loved that it was spacesaving and you could put it in the sink to minimize back pain. I am due in 6 weeks and didn't even have to try it out with my baby in it to know that it wouldn't work. This thing was too big for my bathroom sink which is an averagesized sink and too small for my kitchen sink. Pay special attention to the picture it shows to advertise thisnotice how the faucet comes up pretty high? Maybe my sink is abnormalbut not only was it too small but the faucet was way too low hanging RIGHT over the very edge of the tub. There would be no possible way for me to fit a baby in this tub AND have room between the baby and the faucet to gather water with a washcloth. The tub doesn't hold any water so baby would be very cold. I think that with the perfect sized sink and perfectly shaped faucet this tub could workbut with me it was a total bust.
    Great for newborns! My son was a big baby so he outgrew his Puj tub pretty quickly but I'd still recommend it to anyone and buy it again myself. It was so nice to be able to bathe him safely in the sink when he was so small and slippery. I especially recommend it for first time parents who find the idea of bathing their 'breakable' little bundle completely daunting. We left the water running into the tub the whole time which he loved and the Puj has little holes which prevents it from filling up very full. The water was always the perfect temperature and never soapy because it cycled through so nicely. For urban/apartment living we also loved how easy the Puj was to store. No big bathtub to find a place to hide. We just hung it on a hook and let it dry. Overall I highly recommend this product and look forward to using it again with our next little babe.
    Magnets come undone I've been using the Puj tub for 3 1/2 weeks now. I love being able to stand up to wash my baby in the sink. I also love the compact nature of the product. Space is a serious issue in my home & we were able to hang it on a hook in the shower. I'm very happy with that aspect. As others have stated it s not compatible with some sinks which I have found. My bathroom sink is shallow which causes the tub to move during bathing. Also the faucet is too low & my baby gets her arm or knee pinned under it which I don't like. The biggest issue is that LO gets kicking and the magnets that hold the tub folded together comes undone & she slips down. It's hard enough to manage a slippery baby without your tub coming apart on you. I still use it since I don't have room for a big plastic tub but def not a perfect product.
    Worth it! This is a GREAT alternative to a plastic bathtub. We just didn't have the storage space for a large tub so I decided to try the Puj. It has worked out great so far and fits perfectly in our bathroom sink pretty sure it's a standard size! Our son is 4 months old and has been bathed in this since day one. He seems very comfortable in it and we can adjust the recline. The foam dries quickly and its very easy to clean. It lies flat which makes it easy to store in a linen closet. I haven't had any issues with the magnets not holding the shape of the tub.
    Miracle bath! This tub was a miracle tub for us! First of all we live in Germany and have VERY SMALL sinks not a problem with the Puj Tub. I had a csection and this allowed me to be upright while bathing my infant. Great for post section. ALSO I am able to bath my infant at the same time that my older children play in the bathtub.
    Fits in the Sink? not in all the styles not in mine I was really happy with the product UNTIL I used it. It doesn't work it opens in my sink loosing its shape.
    A Necessity for Newborns! I really recommend this PUJ tub for any new mom. It fit snugly in my bathroom sink as well as our pedestal sink downstairs. I would cover the faucet with a washcloth and use an elastic hairband to secure it. This would prevent me from accidentally 'on instinct' turn on the faucet as well as protect my baby as she became older and more cognizant of the faucet!We used this tub until she was about 67 months old! My daughter is on the smaller side so she fit in the PUJ for a while and I preferred it to the larger tub we got for when she is older and using now. Start with this PUJ and then get the Whale of a Tub it's really the best one out there and cheap too.

    Fits in any standard bathroom sink.The NEW way to bathe baby!.Conserves water, energy, and space!.Cradles and protects baby allowing mom to wash with both hands.Made from a soft, non-slip, PVC- and BPA-free material. The Puj Tub is the easiest bath tub ever! Made from a soft foam that folds and conforms to almost any sink, the Puj Tub cradles and protects the baby during bath time. Hang or store the tub flat anywhere you would like...even on the back of your door and out of sight! The soft foam protects baby's skin from the cold hard sink, keeping baby feeling safe, warm and happy-just as if baby were being cradled in her mother's arms! Using the Puj Tub, mom and dad now have two hands free to bathe and everyone is enjoying bath time. The perfect gift for the new mom to have on hand when she brings her little bundle home from the hospital.The Puj Tub cradles and protects baby, allowing parents to wash with both hands. You no longer have to lean, bend, sit, or squat just to bathe your child. A MUST for C-section moms.

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