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Color My Bath Changing Tablets These tablets are awesome!

Color My Bath H2O Lala! 300 Color Changing Bath Tablets
  • 300 Small and Large Tablets (Red, Yellow, & Blue)
  • *** Made in America ***
  • Make your child's bath water a fizzy, fun, educational, totally cool, colorful treat!
  • Color My BathTM tablets are completely safe, non-staining, and earth friendly.
  • Ages 3+
  • tablet My children love these tablets.
    This is a great product I really like these color changing bath tablets. The ones I usually buy in the store are the same price but you get a lot less. My girls love to change their bath water but I didn't like the price of the tablets until I found these. This is my new go to color changing choice. There are 2 sizes of tablets.
    Good color We use these and the Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Color Tablets. They are virtually the same thing. We see absolutely no difference in the coloring of the water or staying power of the color. They both work well and do not leave a stain. The only difference is that these come in two sizes included in the same container small and large tabs while the Sesame Street Tablets come in only the large size. Do not expect a dark opaque or bright color though from either brand of tablets. In my opinion they both provide a good amount of color to a bath for a toddler. We fill a standard sized tub about 1/3 full of water and add a tablet or two for different colors while the water is running. Our toddler loves it and looks forward to selecting the color and throwing the tablet into the bath every night. It's a simple pleasure for a toddler don't make it into a high expectation of grand color just let the kid enjoy the tinted bath water. This review is 100% independent and noncompensated for in any way.
    Nice colors Fun bath time toy just make sure you don't mix too many different colors or it may look like yucky swamp water. The purple tablets come out to be more pink but the colors are vibrant. The warmer the water the more the tablets dissolve. You can use 1 or 2 tablets and still get a nice color in the water and still see the bottom of the tub if needed.
    Bright colors! These work great. I've bought a couple other brands an these work the best by far .
    These tablets are awesome! We received these tablets as a gift and they ended up being one of the best gifts our kids got! I didn't think much about them we've had plenty of bath crayons 'paints' etc that were OK. I was pleasantly surprised with how deep and vibrant the color was when I threw the first few tablets in there. These truly change the bath color creating deep colors that change the entire look of the bath. My kids love picking their bath color each night and throwing the tablets in to watch them mix up and create new colors. I also love how you can create a variety of color shades based on how many tablets you throw in we've had everything from dark blue to aquamarine just by varying which tablets we throw in that night. My kids also have sensitive skin and I've never had any issues with these unlike bubble baths or other bath products.
    easy fun for kids I was browsing one day and ran across these when my six year old came into the room. She saw them and the description and had to have them. A week later after hearing every day Have you ordered them yet? I finally did and she absolutely loves them. After being too old for baths just a couple of months ago she asks to take a colored bath now instead. Good fun product for kids.
    These make bath time fun Got these as a Christmas gift for my nephew. Apparently he loved them.
    Works good We have had the Crayola and Elmo brand and the large are just as good if not better. The small size tablets don't do much. I'm not sure how many large tablets are in the package but it's far more than you would get woth the other brands.
    Better than expected great bath fun We recently ran out of the Sesame Street 100 count color tabs and found these. I bought them since they were cheaper and came with 300 tabs didn't read the description closely so I didn't know some were small. When I found that out I was disappointed but definitely changed my mind when we first used them. We needed 2 of the Sesame Street tabs to even lightly tint the bath. When my daughter threw 2 of these in the bath it provided a nice deep color that I was very impressed with. The only thing I don't like is that they don't dissolve as well so there were a few bits left over at the end of the bath.

    300 Small and Large Tablets (Red, Yellow, & Blue).*** Made in America ***.Make your child's bath water a fizzy, fun, educational, totally cool, colorful treat!.Color My BathTM tablets are completely safe, non-staining, and earth friendly..Ages 3+. Color My Bath, LLC is proud to offer Safe, Fun, Made in America bath tablets for children-without adding oils, fragrances, or soap. Color My Bath is committed to developing products that leave both the environment and kids healthy and clean.

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