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Alex Toys Rub Dub Draw Terrible Quality

Alex Toys Rub A Dub Draw In The Tub
  • 6.25X1.25X10.25 inches
  • Great Concept but majorly flawed My 2 y/o daughter got these as a christmas present and I thought they'd be an instant hit because she loves to color. Well she was super excited to use her new colors in the bath and enjoyed them for 2 bath times until the crayons began to fall out of the holders and break. She was left with little nubs to color with. I understand that the manufacturer was trying to create a fun product that was easy to use but the crayon holders are faulty and don't do what they are supposed to. I think if the product was redesigned to work better or just simplified so there are no holders for the crayons it would be better.
    Stained my tub!!!
    Used to be a great product We got these for our 18 month old son in Christmas of 2009. They were great. Smaller than you might expect but they had bright colors worked when wet even if dunked and were long lasting we still have 4 of the 6 colors although they are running out. They also cleaned so easily!So we decided it would be a great Christmas present this year Xmas 2010. However the new set is horrible! We just opened it to start using and they clearly changed the crayons. They are slighly longer within the holders probably due to complaints about how short they actual crayon part was and the colors are slighly different. But those are not the issues. The issues are that the crayons do not draw on any bit of water or even damp but dried off with a towel surface. If you do draw on a dry surface the crayons are used up super fast. What use is a longer length if they get used up 56 times as fast?The scrubber duckie as my son calls it is not as good either. The back used to be textured and helped scrub off the crayons although it wiped off with a cloth. But it was flexible so you could wring out the duck to dry. The new duck has a stiff back that does not help at all wiping away anything and also cannot be wrung dry.My son keeps asking for the old crayons even though we no longer have his favorite colors. He would rather have something tha can draw in the bath than his favorite colors.A HUGE dissapointment that they changed a wonderful product.
    Huge Disappointment I don't understand this toy. It's supposed to be for drawing in the tub but it doesn't work on wet surfaces. Two of the six crayons broke the first time we used them. Don't waste your money on this.
    Good for strengthening writing abilities 5 year old loves this! The holders suck but we have had no issues with the markers not washing off. She enjoys writing in the bathtub and this is a good way for her to improve her writing hand as suggested by her kindergarten teacher.
    Fun Toy My 2.5 year old daughter was given these bath crayons for Christmas from my sister. I was a little worried about them staining so I checked the reviews here first. The reviews seemed mixed but my daughter was so excited that I decided to give them a whirl. I told her to only write on the side of the tub not the tiles on the wall because the crayons on the grout seems to be the problem. They washed of the side of the tub no problem with the sponge provided. My daughter could even do it!One of the crayons did fall out of the holder but I was easily able to put it back it. We had a happy bath time and I'm sure they'll be a hit until the crayons are gone. For those who did have a problem with stains on the grout I'd try a bleach pen.
    The fun never stops til the crayon plops! Given I can agree it's not the greatest crayon designed for the tub on the market but we have also used the Crayola brand tub crayons and I prefer this brand over those for several reasons.1. It will actually erase off of my walls and tub and I don't have tile rather a thin waterproof wallpaper type wallcovering and a plastic type material tub we have a mobile home.2. Even though they has been poured on dunked and drop 100's of times the crayons will still have a longer lasting lifetime than the other brands.3. Though faulty packaging to hold it in I replaced the package with a plastic drinking glass from the kitchen and it being smaller than the crayon holder the crayon is actually bigger than most and doesn't disolve as easily when used so it lasts longer in that sense as well.And yes there are cons like the fact that it falls out. But that I can live with. What I can't is the permanent letter B on my wall because I couldn't get the Crayola brand to come off after leaving it up there for a week we have been using the tub wall and crayons to help our daughter learn to write her letters. I never had this issue with this brand.To the reviewer who posted about teaching children to write on walls was an improper thing to do yes you are correct. But there is also such a thing as boundaries to set with your children and as long as they know those boundaries parents should have no problem my children have been using regular crayons to draw and color with since about 12 months old and I have never had the issue of drawings on anything but what they know they are allowed to draw on.
    Terrible Quality From reading reviews it seems that this used to be a good product but is no longer such.I agree that these bath crayons as of 2012 are terrible.We received this as a gift for my daughter's second birthday. We have the Alex Toys star crayon and I thought these would be of similar quality but they were not.First the crayons do not stay in their holders. It's a good concept if it worked but it doesn't. Once the crayons are out of their holders they break apart easily.Second the crayons dissolve quickly. If a crayon is under water there is a plume of colored water surrounding it as it dissolves proving how quickly these crayons dissolve.Third the crayons barely write. They are waxy like the cheap crayons that are given with the kids' menu at restaurants.
    Any suggestions for recovering tub crayon from tub GROUT?? Can someone please tell me how to get the Rub a Dub Tub Crayons out of my grout??? I let my kids use these during bath for the 1st time today.The scrub duck that comes in pkg cleans the tiles fine but not the grout! Please help!! My white grout appears ruined by these tub crayons. Suggestions appreciated.
    Comparison between Edushape and Alex bathtub crayons After buying the Alex Draw in the Tub

    6.25X1.25X10.25 inches. Use this unique set of six bathtub crayons to draw colorful pictures on porcelain or on yourself. Soak the duck shaped sponge with water to remove your work of art. This set is clean fun and easy to erase.

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