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Dry Eyes Shampoo Visor Pack Very good and very practical

Dry Eyes Shampoo Visor 2 Pack Didn't work at all I bought these for my 4 year old who HATES water in her ears near her earsor anywhere NEAR her face. These don't work for anyone older than three. The size is SO small I couldn't get it to fit correctly on my daughters head and water just poured everywhere. Waste of money for me. Was really hopeful though. My daughter is 4 but sizes out as a 6 year oldif your child is size appropriate for age then this may work for you.
Ok for short hair These didn't work all that well for us. I had my doubts when we saw them in the catalog. but we have two kids who hate having water in there eyes when getting their hair washed and my wife wanted to give them a try. I will say that they work OK for my son who has fairly short hair. But my daughter has pretty long hair and its a pain in the butt getting this visor on her without tangling her hair in it. I just can't get a tight enough fit on her to keep the water out. So i'd say if your kids have short hair these will probably reduce but not eliminate water in the face. For me its easier to just deal with a couple moments of fussing and get it over with quickly. But the kids do like to wear them just a regular visors around the house and outside so its not a complete waste of money.
I Had My Doubts.. I have an overly active 8monthold baby girl. At this stage of the game washing her was nearly impossible without putting all the soap in her eyes no big deal with baby shampoo or nearly drowning her as the result of her twisting and contorting because she refused to sit/lay still long enough for me to accomplish this task. When I came across these visors I was doubtful that they would fit on an 8monthold or that they would even shield her face/eyes as they claimed. Well.I'm sold! The price is unbeatable especially for this 2pack and they do exactly what they say if you get them on correctly. I only gave them 4 stars instead of 5 because it is very tricky to get the visor properly adjusted on a wriggly baby's head and the velcro does catch the hair when you're trying to fasten it. Otherwise I have no real complaint.
Awesome These work great. My almost 3 year old throws tantrums every time water gets in his eyes or he even suspects it might be headed that direction. I've struggled with bath times with him for as long as I can remember every time we wash his hair there is crying and flailing involved. Those special pitchers didn't work nor did showers washcloths weren't effective. It was an ordeal every time. Well no more! He loves the visor. It adjusts to fit perfectly and keeps water out completely. The quality is great. Thick and sturdy while still being comfortable. I cannot recommend this enough.
Very good and very practical Very good and very practical timely delivery. took alot of encouragement to get the child to use the product.
Didn't work for my baby It may have been the size or her head but it did not form a very tight seal and I have not been able to use them at all.
does the job This visor does the job. Our 4 year old has been very unhappy getting his hair washed for the past several months. Every time we washed his hair in the bath he would cry a lot about getting water in his eyes on his face even though we would beg him to lift his head up. We tried this last week and bingo! No more tears. His face and eyes stayed dry. Maybe it is also that extra bit of attention that also helps. It is a bit tricky to put on to not get the velcro attached to his hair but once you get it adjusted it's fine.
Didn't Work for Us I so wanted this to work for my hair washingterrified daughter. However the first time we tried it she yelled even louder. I think the fit wasn't quite right and some water dripped onto her face. But by that point there was no adjusting the visor. Her hair also got a little tangled in the velcro tab. After a few days I tried again but the same thing happened. So now she loves to play with the visors in her room put them on the dogs etc. But for the bath we're back to careful rinsing and using a washcloth to protect her face from water/shampoo. I know these visors work wonderfully for others but they just weren't right for us.
Great for 2.5 yr old but catches in hair We have struggled for probably a year with crying battles over rinsing out the shampoo in my daughter's hair. She dreads that part of bath time. After using this for the first time though she had a smile on her face thank you! It was easy to make it tight enough so the water didn't leak through. I am looking forward to more pleasant baths. The only complaint I have is that the velcro got caught in her long hair when we were trying to remove it and it took a while to pull all the hair out.
No more tears! I purchased this for my two year old grandaughter who would ask if she was getting her hair washed at the first mention that it was bath time. If you answered her yes she would start crying before you even put her in the tub. After purchasing this visor there are no more tears. She doesn't even know I am washing her hair. She thinks it is a game. My five year old grandaughter loves it as well. Great product.

We just made bath time even happier! Over the years, our best-selling shampoo visor has prevented millions of tears — and now it shields little faces and eyes even better. Our secret: we added an ultra-adjustable hook 'n loop fastener that let you find the just-perfect fit. Made from soft, thicker foam that keeps its shape in suds and water. Makes a great sun visor, too. A OneStepAhead Exclusive! 2-Pack.Made of EVA foam with hook 'n loop fasteners .

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