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child toddler BATH bathtime CRAYON crayons

KID child toddler BATH bathtime CRAYON tub GIFT TOY NEW
KID child toddler BATH bathtime CRAYON tub GIFT TOY NEW Read more...

  • Washes off skin and non-porous material with soap and water
  • Set of 6 colorful crayons
  • Imagine all the fun you and your child will have drawing cool pictures on the bathtub or on yourselves !
  • Turn tub time into FUN time !
  • Each crayon is encased in an easy-grip holder

  • complete waste of money These crayons were a complete disappointment. Not only did the crayons not really write on the tub once you try to extend them they collapse back in so all you really get is 3 mm of worthless color. If you want good tub crayons do not buy these. I have tried other brands and had MUCH better results.
    crayons A Kid's Review = Durability4.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun2.0 out of 5 stars  It has crayons. They are decent crayons. Not bad ones. You can use them to color. Thats that. Wooohoooo. Whatever the case why not buy them you cant go wrong.
    JUNK Dont waste your money! Most crayons dont even draw and others fall apart. We usually buy CRAYOLA but I thought we would try these.
    Wanted to like these These wax portion of these crayons falls out of the plastic holder with virtually no provocationrendering them pretty messy and useless wet soap crayons are not fun & easy to hold barehanded and it requires a fair amount of force on the part of a small child to make consistent marks with these. I've been through 3 sets of these all given as gifts and they all fell apart in the first usage. While my 21 month old loves to draw in the tub he won't be doing it with this brand now that we're done with the last package.
    Disappointing I bought these for my 2 year old daugter. I thought they would be a fun addition to bathtime. Instead they were a big disappointment. You can't color with them unless you press really hard. Then when you press hard they crumble and break apart. I remember having bathtime color crayons when I was a child and these were definatly not it. They were more of a hassle then fun.
    Horrible Toy! I bought this for my 19 mo old for something new to try in the bathtub. I am very very disappointed in what I received. First of all the crayons come inside a tube and you have to push a button to get the crayon up a nice idea however my son didn't understand what to do. The crayon tips broke off right away too.
    Disappointing I purchased these as a santa stocking stuffer this year for my son. I was super excited to try them out and was completely disappointed by them. They only mark on DRY surfaces which renders them pretty much useless in a bath tub! The crayon also came out of the plastic tube in th first use. I would not recommend this item.
    Great Bath Tub Fun! I remember having some of these crayons as a kid so when one of my friend's children got old enough to be taking baths I got a set of these as a gift. They were a huge hit! Both mom and child loved these since they were easy to draw with but wiped off without much of a hassle.
    Waste of money These bath crayons are awful. Half the colors don't draw at all. The crayon part is only a couple inches long the holders don't stay locked the colors come off in chunks. Crayola's are a million times better.
    These are Junk compared to others These crayons were for Christmas stocking stuffer for my 4 year old. We have had other bath crayons so I thought we would try some other types for fun. They fell apart immediately the length mechanism would not function on most of them they did now write well on the walls of the tub and when scrubbed off leave all types of floating residue in the water you have to wash off your child and also the ruba pain all around. He used them for 2 minutes I explained why Santa would leave such junk for 10 and then it took another 10 to clean out the tub. There are good ones out there so do not give uptry the star crayon in the tub. It does great goes a little fast but we were able to take turns drawing items and discuss them over about 5 we are going back to them.

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