Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tomy TY6528 Water Symphony Don't bother!

Tomy Water Symphony
Tomy Water Symphony

  • Only works while dolphins are floating in the water
  • Tomy toys have been around for over 80 years
  • Tap each dolphin on the head to hear a different note in an 8-note scale
  • Hook them all together, or play with them independently
  • Make beautiful music in the tub

  • NOT recommended I think this product misrepresents itself. The dolphins do make noise but I would hardly call it singing. If you tap them if you're lucky you hear a slight bing but some of them are completely silent. The rings do not stay together at all and there is no symphony going on in this tub. It's cute but takes up room and not with the money. A plastic duck for $.99 is as much fun.
    Fun for all! My 16 month old got these dolphins for Christmas. I thought it was funny when I found sheet music in the box after opening them. First they don't really play music they make a short whistle when they are bopped on the head. I was able to play twinkle twinkle and mary had a little lamb to which my daughter bopped up and down and clapped when I was done. Now rather than splashing the water she bops the dolphins and giggles at the whistling sound they make and I stay mostly dry. As far as hooking together we haven't tried so who knows. They do take up a lot of room but we have a bucket I keep all of her toys in under the sink and they fit in perfectly.
    whistling fun! my 11 month old twin grandsons LOVE this bath toy! Colorful easy to use and durable. It was money well spent.
    Don't bother! The pieces don't stay together the dolphins barely make any noise. My 3 year old is not at all interested in these if anything they just frustrate her.
    not worth the money I ordered these for my 2 year old daughter thinking they would be fun during the bathtime. They are not what I expected. They work on the same principle as the musical wine glasses. They are hollow on the inside and make a sound based on how far up the water comes in the hollow inside. The idea is a good one and is nice that there are few parts and no batteries needed. However the dolphins don't work half the time and don't work if water is in the wrong areas. They fall over easily and don't make enough noise to actually play any musical tune. My daughter has more fun putting them in the floaties and blowing out the blow holes to clear to the water to try to get them to sing.
    Really disappointed A Kid's Review = Durability1.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun1.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational1.0 out of 5 stars  I do not recommend this toy. The sounds are barely audible. Reallyjust more plasticthat is not worth the money or environmental damage. Extremely disappointed.
    disappointing I would definitely not call this a water symphony.they barely make a sound when you tap them in the water. They are cute but pointless. My 1 year old son showed no interest in them.
    If you want something that will float around in the tub this is great I had seen this available in so many places I thought this would be a great tub toy. It is as long as you are just looking for something to float around the tub in many pieces. It is super hard to get these things to even make a sound. In the end my 2 year old likes to drown them and they have held up.
    better than reviews here My 2 yr old received this as a handmedown. I came online to get instructions. I read the reviews and then tried the toy out. I don't know if this older set is different or what but we have not had the same problems as everyone else?? The dolphins make just the right volume of noise when either bopped gently on their heads as they float in their rings or if the individual dolphin's booty is tapped on the surface of the water.
    Very Disappointed! These dolphins are a terrible bath toy for kids. You have to hit the dolphin very hard on the top of the head to get the sound to work. My children couldn't do it and the dolphins did not link together as I thought they did. I donated this toy right after purchasing ittoo bad..what a waste of money.

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