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Draw In The Tub Crayons tub crayons

Draw In The Tub Crayons (6)
Draw In The Tub Crayons (6)

  • 5.25x.75x7.25 inches

  • Don't waste your money buy Crayola instead I bought these yesterday for my son to play with and they are totally awful!Here are the things that are wrong with this product1 They don't write on the walls when the tiles are wet pointless as bath crayons2 The crayons fall out of the sleeve when they are in the water.3 The duck eraser started falling apart after the first use.I have used Crayola brand ones before and they are much better and also cheaper! Those lasted me for more than 6 months. The Alex ones I just bought yesterday are almost worn out and we just used them once. What a complete waste of money.I also noticed that nowhere on the box does it ever say nontoxic which leads me to believe that these crayons may not be safe for my child.I will never buy these again.
    Comparison between Edushape and Alex bathtub crayons Updated reviewAfter buying the Alex Draw in the Tub
    tub crayons
    Dissolving Good idea and yes they wipe off easily but they break easily and if they fall in the water they melt. Day 2 and they are almost gone.
    Don't Work Gee these bathtub crayons work great WHEN THEY'RE DRY as in NOT IN THE BATHTUB! We used another brand of bathtub crayons before and they work great. These not so much.
    Disappointing What a disappointment. Not only are the plastic holders totally useless because the crayons do not stay in them well but the crayons all disintegrated within minutes breaking into small pieces so they couldn't be used at all. We've used different brands of tub crayons in the past so I wasn't expecting these to be so pathetic and short lived. Even without the holders these are a total waste of money. If I could give it zero stars I would.
    A Moldy broken mess Bought these for my son for Christmas. After a week only 2 baths! all the crayons had come out of the protective sleeves and were broken. One piece fell down the drain and now our drain is clogged. The rest were MOLDY after the first week so we tossed them. I assumed all bath tub crayons were the same. They are not. I would not buy these I would not recommend them for anyone.
    Terrible bathtub crayons We have had many bathtub crayons and there is a wide range of quality out there. These are some of the worst we have used.These are quite water soluble and melt all over the place. They don't write very well at all. And after a short time the crayon part falls out of the plastic holder.So do yourself and your kids a favor and try a better brand.
    Any suggestions for recovering tub crayon from tub GROUT?? Can someone please tell me how to get the Rub a Dub Tub Crayons out of my grout??? I let my kids use these during bath for the 1st time today.The scrub duck that comes in pkg cleans the tiles fine but not the grout! Please help!! My white grout appears ruined by these tub crayons. Suggestions appreciated.
    terrible tub crayons i did't get these from amazon but still wanted to warn other parents they stink! they wouldn't write on a wet surface and kept falling out of the holder. they were just a total waste of 5$. i had much better luck with the star tub crayon.

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