Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sesame Street Inflatable Bathtub White Sesame Infatable Tub as Described

Sesame Street Inflatable Bathtub, Blue/White
Sesame Street Inflatable Bathtub, Blue/White

  • Hook to easily hang dry
  • Wash with mild soap and water
  • Deflates easily for storage or travel
  • Compartments are perfect for bathing accessories

  • Cute and Functional I ordered this because my son was getting too big to be bathed in the kitchen sink anymore and since he still can't sit up on his own I wanted something to bathe him in and this just looked perfect. We don't have a bath at home so this was perfect. It's a nice size. The only issue I have with this product is that the bottom of the bather is so slippery. That's the only thing I would change.
    Sesame Infatable Tub as Described I upgraded my son to this inflatable tub which I put inside the bath tub when he outgrew the newborn tub I'd been bathing him in the sink. It is as described and my son loves having more leg room. There is plenty of room for him to grow with this little tub.
    Cool tub for a 1 year old! This tub is great for a 1 year old transition tub. I wouldn't recommend it for younger children because there is not any traction on the bottom but it suits for a 12 year old. It's what I was looking for in a transition tub.
    Good inbetween tub This tub is perfect for in between the infant tub and the regular tub. It keeps my daughter safely in one spot with some padding around her just in case.Unfortunately the first one we bought sprung a leak after the first 2 uses but it was easily exchanged for a new one. I'd recommend.
    Sesame Street Inflatable Bathtub This is awesome. We love it and my grandson does too. Light weight yet sturdy. It is both safe and secure. Now bath time is fun.
    Adorable Practical Worth the $ I love this little tub. We only have a shower so its perfect to bathe my son in. I set it up on the kitchen counter fill it up and add a few toys for him to play with. I love the pockets to put you bathing supplies and the pillow/head rest installed for when he gets a little slippery.
    Works well but no drain I bought this because my daughter grew out of her infant tub. I was a little skeptical because there were no reviews and it appears that my skepticism was well placed. So far it's a good tub and I like the little pockets to put toys and soap but there's no drain! Since I can't pull a plug at the end of bathtime to drain the water I have to wait until after I take my baby out and get her dressed before I can dump the whole thing. It's a little bit heavy with a couple gallons of water in there so I'm worried that just by having tilt it I'll wear down the seams faster and make holes in it. I'd recommend looking for a tub that has a plug at the bottom for easy drainage.

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