Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3 in 1 Bath Tub Vehicle Submarine Fun

3-in-1 Bath Tub Vehicle Submarine
3-in-1 Bath Tub Vehicle Submarine

Fun My 3 year old loves bath time now. He likes playing in the water and on dry surfaces with this toy. He likes to take out the person and make believe about under water dives.
Great for bath time fun I got this one for my 2year old. Both my 2year old and my 4year old play with it. You can spin the propeller backwards and once you release it spins the opposite direction propelling the submarine forwards while sprinkling from the front at the same time. It stays afloat. A lot of bath fun.
Great toy My 3 year old loves this toy. It is just what we were looking for. It is not a high tech toy. It winds up by twisting the periscope which my child can do on her own. Then it moves through the tub.

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