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Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups dont bother

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups
Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Cups

  • Cups are labeled 1-7 to help learn numbers
  • Cups nest for compact storage
  • 7 colorful bath cups are fun to link, stack, pour, and strain water

  • Best cheap toy EVER!! This inexpensive toy is my 10 month old's FAVORITE! We try to keep it in the bathtub but she screams when it's time to get out if she doesn't take some pieces with her. She loves stacking them putting them together and pulling them apart. I tried to connect them into the caterpillar but she was too impatient to wait on me. Can't go wrong with this one.
    bath toy Excellent product arrived fast.
    Multipurpose toy for bath and beyond This is a great set of stackable cups especially for the number of cups and the price. You will be amazed each time your child finds a new way of playing with this set. At first my son just wanted to take them apart and fling them everywhere. When we moved him to a full bath he had a good time chasing after the cups and playing with one or two them especially while teething on the eyes of the largest one. He would stack two or three of them within each other but that was about it. For a long time we had half the cups out of the tub and half in the tub.Now that he's 19 months old B's starting to realize that the cups go in a certain order and if you stack them out of order you have to take out the smaller ones to insert the one you're missing. He can take apart and reassemble all seven cups. Amazing!He's not really noticing the different ways in which the cups might drain but I would give that some time. The one with the shower drain type holes has been great for introducing him to the He also hasn't started to stack them on top of each other only within each other but that will come along eventually too. My only complaint and it's not worth docking star points is that the eyes are a bit scratched off from B teething on them. I plan to buy a replacement set now that he's starting to notice details like that.
    Not perfect but nice My son likes these cups. They are very fun for him to put under the running water in the tub. I wish they floated a little higher in the water but I guess they sit like a real snake. Sometimes they get lost under the water.
    disappointed Bought this because of the great reviews but cups are either too hard to snap together or come apart. They stack but we have other stackers. Like another reviewer said most holes are too big and water pours through too quickly but will try in the sandbox. The small spinner cup is the best feature.
    dont bother i ordered this for my 16 mos old son and the cups do not click together as shown so i called amazon they replaced and sent me a second one they did the same thing! the cups also have too many holes so water just pours out except for the largest cup. you cannot stack them in the water either.
    Colorful but drains a little too fast My 22 month old and I have been playing with these spillers for a couple months. They are fun and colorful but I was really hoping for cups that drained at different rates because of the various holes in them. My son loves playing with water so I thought it would be fun for him to watch the water run out differently. These do have a variety of holes but most of them seem to just drain really fast as if the holes are designed a little too big it's like you're just pouring the water through. The head 1st cup 2nd and last cup are the only ones that have significant difference in draining that you can actually notice and enjoy. He does enjoy that on the few that do it and basically ignores the other cups. But they are colorful and it has been a big part of him learning his colors recently. They hook together but don't stay together well. Some hooks are really tight and some loose. That's not why I got it so I'm not that disappointed but I'm not that impressed with how they hook or stay together.Pros bright colors 3 cups drain slowlyCons 4 cups drain way too fast hooks together clumsily and doesn't stay togetherOverall I don't regret buying them but would have preferred them to be a little different.
    just ok My son LOVES the stacking cups out of the tub so when I saw these I had to buy them. Some of the cup's holes in the bottom are so big that most of the water runs out before you can even hold them up to watch the water run out. The linking method is weak. Some of the pegs are too big and they won't connect and some are too small and they fall apart.
    2 things I would improve I received these cups as a gift for my then 12 month old he is now 18 months while they are nice quality and my baby loves them to death for throwing and chewing and tapping together there are 2 things I would improve. First there needs to be more than 1 cup that drains slowly only the caterpillar head drains slow enough to raise it up and watch the water run out. Secondly and this may seem petty but I wish there weren't 2 blue cups. Working teaching baby colors and we have the red cup yellow cup orange cup green cup purple cup blue cup um and the other blue cup? Or at least make the second blue one noticeably smaller than the other so we could say the BIG blue cup and the SMALL blue cup. They are so close together in size that a toddler is unlikely to notice the difference and yes they are SLIGHTLY different shades of blue but still very close!We can get ours to make the caterpillar shape many other reviews said they couldn't but it fits tightly and there doesn't seem to be any way baby can play with it like that when I have put it together there is no way baby could put it together himself until maybe 4 or 5 years old he just pulls it all apart anyway.I hadn't thought about using them in the sand until I read some other reviews so I will have to try that later this spring/summer.
    Great for bath I purchased this as a gift for my toddler nieces and nephews and they enjoy playing with it in the bath. They liked the bright rainbow of colors and trying to stack the cups inside each other or on top of each other. Good for teaching colors sizes manual dexterity and spatial reasoning to young kids.

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