Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sassy Stay Clean Silly Squirts Water Not recommended - too hard and don't fit together well

Sassy Stay-Clean Silly Squirts Water Toy
Sassy Stay-Clean Silly Squirts Water Toy

  • Mix and match feature encourages creativity and imagination play
  • Take-apart construction eliminates mold inside squirter
  • Innovative solution for biggest problem in bath toys - mold inside squirters

  • Great idea for bath toys! It's wonderful to be able to open these bath toys. Compared to traditional bath toys these dry faster although I still wipe them out because water could stay trapped inside for a while and do not become moldy. I recommend them.
    Not recommended too hard and don't fit together well My daughter got these as a gift. She loves bath toys and I hate the mildew her other squirting toys accumulate so I thought these would be great but I was disappointed. The toys are much too hard for a baby/toddler to squirt and don't squirt well even when I push them when you squeeze them water and air comes out of the middle where the parts meet. After a few tries I put them away.
    Soso squirt toys These squirt toys are pretty firm and not very easy for a toddler to squirt and not even easy for mom to squirt. Yes it's nice that they pull apart so they dry thoroughly but the squirt toys at the local YMCA pool are much better.
    Easy to clean I love that these dry well and won't mold like other squirt toys. My 10 month old can't squirt them yet but hopefully he will figure it out soon.
    Wonderful I bought these for my granddaughter because the other duckies she had were molding inside. These you pull apart and let air dry. We do not switch the bodies and the heads because she is only 18 months but she loves them.
    PVC smell & too hard for baby These say BPA free but do not indicate whether free of pthalates & PVCthey STINK like PVC? What's more they are very hard to squirt and you better undo pieces to dry between uses as so many crevices for mold to grow otherwise.
    Easy to clean but hard to squirt. I love that you can open and clean these easily but they are very hard to squirt my two year old could easily squirt the cheaper kind but has no chance with these. I have to really squish them to get water to come out.

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