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Tomy Pirate Ship Bath Toy Great bath toy

Tomy Pirate Ship Bath Toy
  • Tomy toys have been around for over 80 years
  • Also includes squirting octopus, floating pirate and floating raft
  • 6 fun activities
  • Time to Splash
  • Lots of toys with this cute floating pirate ship
  • great pirate ship This is a nice boat for in the bath tub. We have had this toy for over a year now and my son of 3.5 years old still likes to play with it he especially likes to squirt the cannon. This toy definitely invokes imaginary play and the several components have held up quite nicely nothing is broken yet. I rated it four stars because the little boat tumbles off the big ship very easily. It would be nice if that specific feature could be redesigned.
    plastic colors All I can say is the plastic pieces were colorful the octopus squirted about 3 the canon watergun shot about 1/2 after it was throughly submerged in water. the whole thing was about as amusing as the washcloth in the tub with our grandson. Don't waste your time with this get an old plastic milk bottle if you want some great reactions. This was boring and sat at the end of the tub unplayed with. Maybe the pirate should take the porcelin bowl tour for better adventures.
    Babth time Dud Although my son is only 10 months old he doesn't have much interest in this toy. Maybe at 18 months when he starts doing more imaginarium play will it come in handy. I purchased this toy at a thrift store for $1.50 however the little piece over the cannon that makes it shoot waterballs and the pirate are missing. If I purchased this new I wouldn't pay $19.99 for it that's for sure. The octopus squirt shoots really strong which is the only good thing about mine however it takes two hands to push it down because the boat tips over if you don't hold it. My little guy just likes to throw the little boat around. It seems a bit bulky and heavy for an infant/toddler toy especially after the water has engulfed the bottom to make it float properly. I gave 3 stars to give it the benefit of a doubt for when he gets older and the rubber ducks don't interest him anymore.
    Durable with lots of ways to play We've been using this toy for over a year and it still looks and works like new. The various moving parts provide lots of fun activities. As the child gets older he/she will find new things to do with it such as running water from the faucet onto the wheel to make it spin. Be sure to submerge it once at the start of bathtime so it floats properly.
    not worth it This toy was a waste of $$ for our little one I do not recommend it to anyone. The squirting parts do not work well on ours and it is big and bulky. Just not worth buying in my opinion.
    Boring and annoying This toy is an overpriced flop. The water canon is really hard to pump the boat floats poorly and the little boat never floats right with the pirate in it causing much frustration for my 2 year old. It's also one of those toys where all of the components fill with water never dry out between baths and therefore can grow gross stuff inside.
    Glad I didn't pay for it My son received this as a gift and it's just awful. Yes I submerged it but it still doesn't float properly. The canon has never worked and the octopus barely squirts at all. This is just a lame duck toy period.
    Bathtime fun Our son loves this pirate ship. He launches the boat and pirate off the plank and squirts the octapus. Just remember to fully drain the ship before taking it out of the tub.
    Great bath toy My son played with this bath toy for many months. Kept him entertained while he took a bath. Great product.
    What a disappointment My son received this toy as a gift during a trip to see his grandparents. We were so excited for him to play with it once we got home. Just look at all the fun features! What a disappointment once we finally got it in the bath.First of all it's very topheavy so it constantly capsizes. You have to fill the boat with water in order for it to float and even then it only stays upright most of the time. Secondly the water canon requires a lot of effort for very little payoff the same can be said for the water wheel. You have to either submerge the whole boat or use some other item to fill the canon with water. Then once you flick the lever it lets out a weak little spurt and you get to start all over. As others have mentioned the raft doesn't float correctly if the pirate is in it. The only feature that is any fun at all is the octopus and even with that you have to hold the boat with one hand while pumping the octopus with the other so the boat doesn't capsize.This toy is clunky and boring and useless. Then I come to find out it sells for $19.99?? Ridiculous. I wouldn't pay $4.99 for it.

    Tomy toys have been around for over 80 years.Also includes squirting octopus, floating pirate and floating raft.6 fun activities.Time to Splash.Lots of toys with this cute floating pirate ship. Ahoy, Matey. This floating pirate ship features a squirting octopus, separate floating escape raft, water cannon, and floating pirate figure. Ages 18 months and up.

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