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Dreambaby L660 Deluxe Bath Seat Not a necessarily helpful baby item...

Dreambaby Deluxe Bath Seat
  • Front bar can be opened which simplifies the positioning of your baby in and out of the bath seat
  • Strong suction cups stick to most bath tubs
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • It is easy to use
  • Contains a 1 year manufacture warranty
  • THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT Before I bought this product I had been looking all over for a baby bath seat where my baby could sit down in the water without me having to hold on to him the whole time. He had become quite adventurous and this made bathtime very difficult. I finally looked online and decied which product I wanted and this one has worked out great. I had a little trouble with the locks but once I figured it out aI have had no problems with it whatsoever and wish I wouldve had this with my other kids.
    babies loved them! we purchsed two of these for the babies they loved them. very comfortable very secure. did not slip or pinch. highly recommended.
    Awesome bath seat can't believe how many neg reviews there are! We used this seat from 5 months until 14 months and we would have kept using it longer had we not gotten a really cool bathtub mat I wanted to try out and decided it was time to graduate her out of her bath seat!Our ink started rubbing off after I added a tiny amount of natural oil to the water when my DD had really dry skin my husband just brought it out to the garage and used a solution to clean it off and then we scrubbed it with soapy water and viola!.. just like new without words. No big deal not life threatening its ink.
    Even good for Chunky Boys like MINE !!
    Great Bath Seat! I ordered 2 of these bath seats. They are great! My boys love them they love getting to sit up and take a bath in the big tub & splash around. I love them because it makes bath time safer for them & I don't have to worry about the falling over. The seats work perfectly. I read alot of the reviews/complaints & alot of the things are nothing to worry about. Some complain about the warning label being in the front of the seat. All baby equipment has warning labels they have warning labels for a reason & they have to place the labels where they can been seen. Another complaint I read was that the seats are hard & leave red marks. The seat is plastic all bath seats are but it does not have any sharp or rough edges. Anything you press up against is going to leave a small temporary mark that goes a way in a matter of minutes. Another complaint was that the suction cups don't stick I haven't had any problems with mine but there is some round adhesive pads that are included if you need to use them instead. The last thing I noticed complains about was the front latches are had to get undone. I will say it is a little difficult with wet soapy hands but not impossible. I am sure they make it difficult for a reason so your child doesn't undo it themself. All in all I think this is a great bath seat. Great product & price. It is a bath seat not a babysitter you still need to watch your baby.
    Not a necessarily helpful baby item so i ordered this seat with high hopesexcited that my newly sitting babies 9 month old twins would get to experience sitting in the bath on their own and that my hands would be freed to bathe them easierthis didnt really happen. below i will list some pros and cons of this seatpros1. it suctions great to the bath and is also easy to yank off when done because it has these little flaps attached to the suction cups.2. the babies enjoyed being in it and getting to sit in the bath..
    Love it! My 5 month old son is growing so fast he quickly outgrew his infant tub.
    There has got to be a better way We got this for my at the time 6 month old. It doesn't stick to a textured tub so you need to use the enclosed sticky things to stick to your tub then the suction cups will stick the sticky things they are like nonskip stickers fall off of my bathtub. They lasted less then a month. Now the bath seat won't stay down in the tub it detaches because the nonskid stickers aren't sticky anymore and floats up in the water not safe!! It's also VERY hard to open/close the seat latch and almost impossible when wet. Now try it when it's wet slippery and you have a wiggly little baby in your hards Yeah no. I've owned it less then 3 months and I'm just about to throw it away.
    Great my son loves it My son loves this chair. It gives him freedom to play in the bath at a young age 6 months. Sometimes the suction cups will come lose but you can hear it happen so you have a chance to fix them. Also it's only 1 that might come lose so it's not the entire chair.
    With a few caveats is a great bath seat! Using for our son since he was able to sit by himself. Currently he is 22 pounds and almost 30 inches long and fits quite fine in the seat with lots of room yet to grow. Seat is easy to use and keeps him upright without difficutly.Comments in response to other reviews No this seat will not suction to textured tub surfaces like mine. The seat does come with 4 smooth adhesive discs that you can adhere to your textured tub surface then suction the seat to the discs instructions included w/ the seat. Yes the seat might unsuction from the tub as the tub fills with water. This is easy to deal with. Just wait until there are a couple of inches of water in the tub then suction the seat down. I have not had any problems doing it this way. Yes there are occasionally pink marks on my son's abdomen or back where he has leaned up against the seat while playing in the tub. These don't appear to bother him at all and are gone by the time he is dried off after bath. The plastic is all smooth with no sharp edges or areas.Other caveats If you use the adhesive discs in your tub keep them and the suction cups on the seat clean and the seat will adhere just fine. When my seat started coming unstuck from the discs during the bath time I simply cleaned the discs and suction cups rubbing alcohol works fine and they worked like new again. If you use the adhesive discs in your tub do definitely wait until there are a few inches of water in the tub before suctioning down the bath seat. I didn't at first and eventually over the course of several instances of the seat pulling away from the bottom of the tub it also loosened the adhesive on the discs. I was able to order new adhesive discs from the company readhered them to the tub and now that I wait to suction the seat down I haven't had any problems.Bottom line this seat has been working very well. I am glad we have it I would buy it again. And it is relatively inexpensive compared to some of the other seats available.

    Front bar can be opened which simplifies the positioning of your baby in and out of the bath seat.Strong suction cups stick to most bath tubs.Folds away for easy storage.It is easy to use.Contains a 1 year manufacture warranty. The new Dream Baby Deluxe Bath Seat makes it much easier to bath your Baby. The front bar can be opened which simplifies the positioning of your baby in and out of the bath seat. In addition it can be easiliy folded for convenient storage. Suitable for ages from 6 months to 18-24 months. The Deluxe Bath Seat is lightweight and durable. It contains strong suction cups to secure the seat to the bath.

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